Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lizardmen Army

So, the other night, I went to my local game store and one of the guys was playing Lizardmen in a Warhammer Fantasy match. I haven't played WHF in about 2 years so I hadn't seen the new models or the new army book (check out the Games Workshop Lizardmen page for more info). The new minis are great, especially the new stegadon. So I came home and started digging mine out. I totaled it up and the bare minimum is 2,006 points. Here's the whole army.

And here are the pieces.
16 Saurus

4 Swarms of Jungle Reptiles, a flaming lizard with crew (forgot the name right now), and a skink priest.

T-Rex - rider coming soon. This is probably my favorite model I have painted.

24 Skinks with blowpipes, 24 skinks with spears, and 14 Cold Ones (riders coming soon).
Skinks and Cold Ones

5 old school terradons and the walking wounded. The terradon on the far right is the one I pinned in the last post.
Terradons and the walking wounded

9 chameleons.

I have some great stuff here. Now I just need to finish the riders and base the stuff. I also have an old school stegadon that needs building.


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