Friday, April 29, 2016

First Annual Grill-Drink-Game Con - 2016

I first got the idea to host a game day from Mik over at Mik's Mini's.  He and his friends would get together and rent a cabin for 3-4 days and game and drink the time away.  You can check out his CabinCon V here.

We started the day off at 11AM with the grill fired up and ready to go.  We quickly realized that our gaming friends do not wake up until 11AM and we should start gaming cons later!  We provided burgers, dogs, and my wife's amazing potato salad.  Everyone else was encouraged to bring other foods to throw on the grill.
Coals were kept hot from 11AM to 11PM

Best Hotdog of the Day
We started the drinking by 12pm.  I should have taking a picture of the liquor/beer because it was awesome!  My favorite was a strawberry soda with Pinnacle Whip Vodka.  It tastes like a strawberry shortcake!  Don't worry, there were plenty of beer drinkers sneering at my girly drinks!

This was the starter collection of games that we provided for the day.  

Among the offerings (and games played):
  • Lords of Waterdeep with Skull Port Expansion
  • Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue
  • Dungeon
  • Munchkin Panic
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Apples to Apples (2)
  • Settlers of Catan with Explorers & Pirates Expansion
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse (1)
  • Smash Up with every expansion available (yeah, I'm pretty proud of that)
  • Legendary: Marvel
  • Small World, Small World Underworld, with all the expansions
  • Forbidden Island
  • Munchkin
  • Dominos
  • Skip-bo, Phase 10, Uno (1)
Brought later by others:
  • Fluxx: Pirates
  • Zombies!!! (1)
  • Backgammon (1)


Finally, the night was to be the Epic Finish of our year long Pathfinder game.  We have been following the Kingmaker Adventure Path.  It is a sandbox style open world with site based encounters.  As the players explore the land and meet the residents, they have the opportunity to become rulers of the lands.  Unfortunately, after 15 years of relative peace with other nations as they develop their kingdom, someone has taken notice.  Hobgoblins from the south are invading the land and their army is looking for slaves.  However, we ran out of time to finish the arc as we might have enjoyed the day a little too much.  We will complete it in the next two weeks.

Pathfinder - "Hold the bridge!!!"
Pathfinder - Wyverns at the river

Things we learned from our first ever Grill - Drink - Game Con.

  • Our friends don't wake up before 11AM
  • Long games are tougher to introduce (but dedicated players will play them anyway)
  • MORE TABLES are needed - many people ended up playing on small surfaces
  • Grill was a hit
  • S'mores are a HUGE hit
  • Playing Pathfinder with 10 people is something you have to lead into and combat is tedious
  • I can see why Mik chose to do a whole weekend, the day ended too quick
  • Liquor is great, and we still could have had more beers and wine coolers 

What games do you recommend for game cons?
Other suggestions?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fairy Doors Part 1

My Dad gave me tools!  I have been looking at scroll saw work lately and he had one from his father that he wasn't using.  I also picked up an extra belt sander he had.  Dad's are awesome!
Scroll saw in the front, belt sander in the back, and extra tools for projects!
Recently, I have been captivated by the idea of fairy doors.  You make small doors and put them in your garden or around the house.  I thought they would be fairly easy to make and I wanted to try.  A scroll saw is the perfect tool for this.
Example of a fairy door (not mine).
I tried making one with a jigsaw but it was tough and honestly, not very safe.  The first door I made is pictured below.
My door is up against the house.  The furniture was purchased at a hobby store.  The green door was created by an 8-year old visiter who is VERY interested in our fairy visitors.
 After I got my new tools, a wood burner from my mom, and space in the garage from my wife, this is what I made.  The 8-year old got to decipher the viking runes, and we are still painting the new ones.

More to come soon!

Friday, February 20, 2015

I found a new board game website for you to try out.  I like the look and feel of the pages, along with the quest aspect of exploring the pages.  Check it out!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

HUD 2015

2015 Head's Up Display

  1. Play a Dresden Files story arc. 
  2. Lose Weight - get under 200 and stay there.
  3. Paint Cygnar Mini's
    • Cyclone Heavy Warjack
    • Eiryss Mage Hunter
    • Cygnar Firefly Light Warjack
    • Cygnar Squire 
    • Three casters - eCaine, pHaley, and Kara Sloan
  4. Paint Trollbloods Bomber/Blitzer
  5. Play 10 Warma/Hordes games
  6.  240-ish Bones Minis!!!
Last year's 2014 HUD,  2013 HUD and  2012 HUD.

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