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Monday, November 30, 2009

Gun Mage Reminder

Shelexie, do you have your 6 Gun Mages and Gun Mage Solo completed? This is the day you said you would have them done by...

The answer is not yet. I have about 5 hours today to hopefully finish them up. It is too humid to spray the sealer but I should be able to knock them out. Here goes...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick Update

Movie: I bought the new Star Trek Movie yesterday. I loved it in the theaters, and I loved it at home last night. I can't wait for the next one =) (Pic from the movie Star Trek)

: I have been painting on my Arcane Tempest Gun Mages here and there but it is definitely slow going. Between new job, family time, and sleeping, the Gun Mages are getting the short end of the stick. I currently have 11 more days to finish them by my personal November 30th deadline. However, there are only 3 of those days that I am off from work and spraying the varnish takes a couple of days on the end. I better get it in gear!

Job: There is a full time position that just opened up at my job and I am applying for it. Several of the managers have casually asked if I have applied yet, which makes me feel pretty good. It will basically be the same job I am currently doing (cashier/customer service) but with a guaranteed 32 hours a week plus benefits like insurance. Really, insurance is the main thing right now. Paying for it on your own or even through another person's work is outrageously expensive. I hope I get the job, but the down side is it will cut into hobby time.

Guess that's it for now. There should be progress pics in my next post. Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 13, 2009

PS3 & Dragon Age Origins

So, working at Best Buy (large American Electronics store) has certainly changed things. Several weeks ago, my TV blew and I was able to replace it with a new flat screen for a great price. Two nights ago, we went looking for a Blue-Ray player... and left with a PS3.

I have wanted one for a while but I had decided it was too much. Then they reduced the size, the cost, and the overheating problems. I also had to have a game to go with it so I picked up the new Dragon Age.

I haven't played video games in a while, probably since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, though I still play WoW occasionally. I like the story of Dragon Age, the mix of RPG and real time fighting. I like the casual setting (read easy) as opposed to the more difficult settings. I like the options they give me for responses. Many times, there is an option to tell the other character to stick it. I am not a fan of the blood (just me) but the graphics are amazing. I have just completed the origin part of the story and I may have to go buy the help book (I have a hard time remembering maps).

The game is worth the money, especially if you get the $10 gift card back when you purchase it at Best Buy. Check out the coupon here.

Thanks for reading!

(Pics of a Play Station 3 by Sony and Dragon Age Origins by BioWare)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Just a Short Progress Report

The other day, I went to visit a friend and his cousin. We hung out, chatted, and painted for about 4 hours. I was working on my Gun Mages, Stormsmiths, and Warcaster Nemo. The Gun Mages are for my personal goal to be finished by the end of November. I added the Stormsmiths because my friend I was painting with hates playing against them =). I added Nemo because he is similar. These guys were base coated before we started. Here is a pic of them at the end of the day.

Several days later, I worked more on the Gun Mage's cloaks. I am really liking the blending. I continue to learn more each time I try to blend my layers. On the one below, the cloak is looking good but the hat still needs more work. There are a total of 6 gun mages.

Gun Mage Adept Solo

Stormsmith (x3) - These last two pics still need another base layer of Folk Art's Prussian Blue, then blending it up with FA's Cobalt Blue. The last highlights are a mix of Cobalt Blue and FA's Baby Blue.

Warcaster Nemo

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Short Rant (I promise)

We are lucky to have 2 gaming stores in our local area. I play and buy from one (Albright's in Lexington, KY) but occasionally I will find myself over at the "other" store. I don't like going there very often. I am loyal to Albright's: there are close to 20 tables always set up and the terrain is fantastic. They have leagues, contests, and games going on most nights. The selections are pretty good and he can order anything you want.

But occasionally, I want something right now. I don't want to wait for the order to come in. So I venture over to the "other" store.

The other store is creepy feeling, especially as a female gamer. When I walk in, I get treated like I am in the wrong place and if I do buy a miniature, they take my money with out saying a word. I can't decide if they are uncomfortable with females, female gamers, or just new people. What ever it is, my internal creepiness meter goes off and I try to avoid going there again.

Yesterday, I succumbed. I was wanting to pick up a Officer Attachment for the Gun Mages I was about to start painting. They didn't have it but they did have the Epic caster Haley and the Epic caster Cain. I fell to temptation, bought them as quickly as I could because the guy behind the counter was weirder than normal, and gladly took them home.

Imagine my surprise when I opened Haley and discovered she was missing her left arm! That just sucks! She is a great mini and I was really looking forward to the challenge.

So I opened up Cain. Also missing his left arm!!! What the heck?!!!

Now, I have to go back to that store, deal with the creepy guy, get my money back or have them say something like "just order it from Privateer Press". I also doubt this with Privateer's fault. I hope they just dropped the display and some of the pieces got switched but I can't help but think someone went through their stuff stealing bitz (or just left arms).

Thanks for reading my rant. At this point, the joy of buying the new mini's is gone and I just hope I get my money back. Albright's, I shall never stray again! =(

(Pics from the Official Privateer Press Website)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Warmachine Painting Chart Update

Previous Painting Chart, as of August 16th:
All of the gray areas are things that are purchased but still need to be painted (blue).

And the New Painting Chart showing my progress in the last 2 months (notice all the warjacks now painted!):
From Wanna B Painter

I am also starting these charts for my Space Marines and my new Orks. They really help me see what I want/need to paint next. Thanks for reading!

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