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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fairy Doors Part 1

My Dad gave me tools!  I have been looking at scroll saw work lately and he had one from his father that he wasn't using.  I also picked up an extra belt sander he had.  Dad's are awesome!
Scroll saw in the front, belt sander in the back, and extra tools for projects!
Recently, I have been captivated by the idea of fairy doors.  You make small doors and put them in your garden or around the house.  I thought they would be fairly easy to make and I wanted to try.  A scroll saw is the perfect tool for this.
Example of a fairy door (not mine).
I tried making one with a jigsaw but it was tough and honestly, not very safe.  The first door I made is pictured below.
My door is up against the house.  The furniture was purchased at a hobby store.  The green door was created by an 8-year old visiter who is VERY interested in our fairy visitors.
 After I got my new tools, a wood burner from my mom, and space in the garage from my wife, this is what I made.  The 8-year old got to decipher the viking runes, and we are still painting the new ones.

More to come soon!

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