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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It has been a while since I posted.  I haven't painted in about 3 months.  This is pretty normal for me.  I will hit a dry spell for 3-6 months and during this time I will pursue other hobbies.

Currently, World of Warcraft has hooked me again.  I am enjoying leveling my little gnome and getting a few achievements that will probably change with the upcoming Cataclysm expansion.

I have also done a lot of reading.  I found Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia.  You can check out the first 7 chapters here.  It's a fun book set in modern times with a definite Lovecraft feel.  Monsters such as vampires and zombies are real and the federal government pays for their heads, as long as the general population is kept in the dark.  I definitely recommend it.

Of course the biggest distraction this time of year is that I work retail.  As you begin buying for the holidays, remember to be nice to the poor people who have to help you.  They may just be trying to make money for their miniature addiction!

I imagine that as the new Force book for Circle of Orboros comes out, I will start painting again.  Until then, WoW will continue to pull a lot of my hobby time =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fantasy Football

Yahoo Fantasy Football
It's that time of year again!  I was disappointed that my league from last year was not able to get together again for this season.  However, I heard some of the guys talking about their league at work and I asked if I could jump in.  There were the usual questions about why a girl would want to play fantasy football but a little smack talk later and I was in. 

I was the 6th in the draft but I liked most of my picks.  I have a pretty solid core around RB Ray Rice and WR Roddy White.  I went with my favorite QB Brett Farve, hoping he has another solid season and avoids the injury list.  I can't wait for his rematch against the New Orleans Saints tomorrow night, 7:30 pm (CST).

I also picked up WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh only to find out that he was cut by the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday.  With another of my WR's out on a knee injury late in the last preseason game, I am a little skimpy in the wide receiver department.

In a 12 person league, I seriously doubt that I will win the league.  I just hope I can avoid the last place slot, especially after the smack talk I had to lay down to get in.  I guess we will see =)

Monday, September 6, 2010


My significant other surprised me with nerdy presents!  I opened the bag to find two units of Circle mini's.  These are the Tharn Bloodtrackers.

Picture from Privateer Press Website.  Buy their stuff!
 These ladies are the Circles version of forward scouts.  They have advance deploy, pathfinder, and stealth.  They can also select and enemy's model or unit as their prey, giving nice bonuses.  They are a tad on the squishy side but for 5 pts for 6 or 8 pts for 10 they feel like a nice unit.

I also received a unit of Reeves of Orboros.
Picture also from Privateer Press.
This is a nice little shooting unit.  Their crossbows have a range of 12" and POW of 10 but they also benefit from combined ranged attacks, ignore concealment and cover effects, and they have pathfinder.  They also have a rule that if they kill an enemy model, they get to take a second shot.

I really like both units and I didn't have either of them.  So the good news is I got two new units for free!  The down side... Well, I have to pick up the extra mini's to fill out the units before I start painting them!  Seriously though, picking up the 8 extra mini's to fill out the ranks would run me about $37.50.  The Reeves also have a unit attachment that I would get, adding another $13.50.  While writing this up, I just almost ordered them but I convinced myself to wait, at least until after vacation.  I guess we will see how long my resolve holds up =)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Reasoned Response to my Movement Tray

The other day, I posted picks of the movement tray I am creating for my units of Long Gunners.  Von, from Game Over and A Year of Frugal Gaming left a great comment I wanted to share (Von, I hope you don't mind me quoting you here):

Von said... Cool tray, no doubt about that, but I think there's a reason Warmachine players don't use them, and a consequence for you that you might not have thought about.

The sheer openness of Warmachine Mark II's formation rules open up a lot of tactical options (with lines of sight/fire, casualty removal, counter-attacks and so on), especially for high priority units with different actions and attacks available to them (like Trenchers and Long Gunners).

I worry that you're locking yourself into one rather limited formation, and thus locking yourself out of those options. I also worry about terrain, particularly buildings, although I assume you'll just abandon the tray there.

Of course, strength of play may not be as big a priority for you. This'll certainly speed up your play, and if you did a battlegroup and solos one as well, they'd be nice display/transport utilities. 

I hadn't really thought about how the tray would lock me in.  Recently, I have played several games with pHaley where I line up two full units of Long Gunners, 24 mini's, and shoot holes in the oncoming hordes.  I thought it was a pain in the butt when I had to move them all up the first turn, thus the idea a tray was formed.  I think I also just wanted to play with power tools =)

I like the imposed spacing so I don't get all my guys killed in one round of Khador AOE's.  I also think I can leave the tray when needs be.  I knew going into it that it would probably only help for turns 1 & 2.  However, once they are in the tray, my tendency will be to leave them in that formation simply because I am too lazy to want to move them all.  I pretty sure I would pull them off it when I needed to but it would have to be a conscious decision.

Another thing for me to consider is that the Long Gunners are at their best when they don't move.  If they stand still, they get a +2 aiming bonus on either 1)their first of two shots at 12" each or 2) on a 24" shot.  They also have the combined range attack ability.  I might just start leaving them in their deployment zone starting positions.  They won't get a shot the first turn but they have longer to shoot at the enemy.  I guess it still depends on the scenario.

Anyway, Von, thank you for the comment.  It has really given me a lot to think about.  I still plan on finishing the tray and trying it out a couple of times.  There is nothing like experience to show me if I made a movement tray or an interesting display board!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And the Winner is....

A while back, I won a ticket to Games Day through the Storm Warden / Doctor's Without Borders Project.  As I mentioned here, I can't go but I want someone else to be able to use the ticket.  Thanks for those who expressed interest in going to Games Day.  I guess most people already have their tickets but I am glad one more person can go.

And the winner is... The other Kevin from Paint Pot Procrastinator!  Kevin, I need your postal address so I can get the ticket to you.  Please use the link to my e-mail in my profile.  Congratulations!

PS - If anyone else knows real world "the other Kevin", give him a call and tell him to send me his address.  Let's get this ticket used!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long Gunners and a Movement Tray

I have been working on my Long Gunners again. I last posted pics of them here.  They now have most of their highlights done and I am trying to get the cloth to come out.  The banner is the last thing to do.  It has intimidated me for a while but I am almost ready to give it a go.  Here are some recent pics of the progress.

I blocked in the major colors and the first hint of highlight.  There are actually two different units here, distinguished by the color of their skirt.
Here is a close up of two of them, pretty close to done.
On a different note, I have been playing around with the idea of creating a movement tray for them.  Warmachine does not typically have movement trays but I am getting used to fielding two full units at 10+2 officers.  With 24 mini's, I decided to take the plunge.

I went to my local craft store and purchased 1/8 x 4 x 24 piece of Basswood.  It was $2.99, not bad for a movement tray.  After WAY too long trying to figure out the best arrangement and the spacing to put in between the little guys, I drew out my circles on the board and started cutting.

I had purchased a Dremel Multipurpose Cutting Kit #565 but I had never used it before.

Turns out, it works great but it is very loud!  I was afraid my apartment neighbors would call the office on me!  I was out on the patio, which was good because of all the sawdust, but it was very loud.  I used the kit to create the holes in the middle, then I finished them out with a sanding band.  The sanding band was much quieter and was easier to control when I got next to my pencil lines.

You might notice all the pencil lines where I thought the holes would go.  Like I said, it took me a while.
This is what they look like in their new movement tray.  Notice the second board underneath.

I know it is hard to tell from this picture but the 3" blast template can only hit one mini when it is centered on a guy.  I lose about 2" on my back rank's range but I don't get killed with bombards either.  I also hope this will keep some of them out of charge range when it comes to that.

I considered making the tray magnetic but I already have the washers on the bases of the Long Gunners and I decided not to mess with it.  Maybe next time.

The smartest thing I did was use the board as a template for my next movement tray.  I certainly don't want to try all the crazy math and measurements I did on this one.

The dumbest thing I did?  Well, I started putting a unit in the tray to take a picture for the blog and realized I only cut 10 holes.  With the Officer Attachment, I am 2 short!  Dang it!  I will still use it, as I can always put two of the guys to the side or in a back rank.  Still, I am happy with my first attempt.

Thanks for reading!

The Drawing Date

The Drawing Date for the Games Day Ticket has been moved to August the 17th.  Check out the previous post if you might be able to go!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Won... And So Can You

A week or two back, they had the final drawing for the Storm Wardens Project.  It was a huge success, raising $16,000+ for Doctor's Without Borders.  I contributed along the way, sort of hoping for the grand prize but mostly because it was for a great cause.  Well, I won, but not the grand prize.  I won one of the Games Day tickets.

It is very cool, and yet I live in Texas now =(  There is simply no way I can go.

So the ticket is up for grabs!

  1. Post a comment below if you are able to personally use the ticket.
  2. I will pick a random person on Tuesday, August 17th, probably around 11pm Central Time.
  3. If you are selected, I will mail you the ticket so you can travel to the Baltimore Convention Center on August 21st, 10am-6pm (or any part of it)
  4. Hopefully, you will take pictures and post about it on your blog (or we can work out a way to post it here).
Please don't post if you can't use the ticket.  I am hoping one of you can use it or you know someone who you can get to post a comment.

Good luck!

Edit: The drawing has been moved to Tuesday, August 17th.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I worked on the Fourth of July (Independence Day for Americans) and a very strange man came to my counter.  I work at Best Buy, a large electronics store, at the customer service / return desk.  You hear some weird stuff working with people but this guy was so mellow and non-descript it was strange.  He spoke very monotone, with no facial expression or voice inflection.  He was dressed in a black T-shirt that had faded a little with time, Jeans that were once black but now also faded and a black baseball cap.  It sounds weird to write it but at the time it looked more like a uniform than something someone would choose to wear.  There is even a restaurant near here that requires the employees to wear all black so the white apron pops.

As I went through the transaction, I smiled, was upbeat, and hit all the points I am supposed to.  As I was handing back the guys change I noticed the camera!  In the bill of his black baseball cap was a pin-hole spy camera!  It totally freaked me out!  Thankfully, we were already done and he was leaving the store.  I mentioned it to my supervisor but what can you do?

So now I don't know what happened.  Is he a Private Investigator that was out running errands?  Was it some sort of secret shopper?  Are we going to be on Dateline or some other investigative reporting show?  Or maybe he is just a creepy guy who likes to re-live his day.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Self Restraint

The Temptation: I am going to the game store in a few hours to pick up my copy of No Quarter #30.  I am a little late but it was back-ordered when I started playing again. 

The Danger: I have $70 in birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.  I would love to pick up the new Trencher Commando unit ($50) and the Heavy Warjack kit ($35).  I also want to pick up the new Hordes Faction deck ($18) and the new No Quarter ($7.50) when they comes out later this month.

The Reality: I still haven't finished painting my Long Gunners, Rangers, or the casters I picked up a month ago.

In trying to rationalize my addiction to lead and plastic, I keep telling myself that I would be able to play with the commandos almost straight out of the box (gasp) unpainted!

The Decision: I Will Not buy more minis. I Will Not buy more minis. I Will Not buy more minis....

I will only buy the No Quarter they ordered for me.  I have two days off coming up and I will finish painting the Long Gunners by Tuesday and, if the weather is good, spray coat them on Wednesday.  Finishing the Long Gunners means I can buy the Commandos....   Stupid addiction.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick Update

Tomorrow is the last day of our three week Warmachine campaign.  I have been able to get in 4 games and I had a great time.  I played against Trollbloods, Mercenaries and twice against Retribution.  My win/loss record isn't that great but I am learning more each time I play.  I am really enjoying the system.  I am also looking forward to the release of Hordes MKII which will be out soon.  I haven't touched my Circle stuff in a while but I know I will be buying the new core book and the faction deck.  Now where can I scrounge up another $55...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Kicked Butt!

So, in my last post, I wrote about how my Cygnar warcaster Haley got eaten by a Earthborn Dire Troll (picture below).  I played a great game, aggressive and threatening his warlock.  I lost but I was really happy with the game and it wouldn't have taken much for it to go my way.

Well, as I was writing my post, I wanted to include my opponents Trollblood's list.  I started piecing it together from what I remembered but I couldn't get it to equal 35pts.  I messaged him and asked for his list so I could read up on the mini's.  This is what I got back.

@9:30pm, he wrote:
Earthborn Dire Troll
Dire Troll Bomber
Troll Axer
5 Long Riders
6 Pygmy Burrowers
Fell Caller Hero
Stone Scribe Chronicler
I believe that was the whole list.

@10:30pm, he wrote:
HOLY &#!+! WE PLAYED A 35 POINT GAME! I played 50 points against you, I am so sorry. I'm gonna let [the Press Ganger] know and give you the win for that night and fix our cards. I am so sorry. It was still a good game, but you totally should have won.  I think it was because I had just played a 50 point game, and I just f@#$ up. I'm sorry, I hope we can play a real game again sometime.

I think it clicked when he was sending the info to our Press Ganger.  Either way, I feel really good about the game!  It was a really fun game and I liked the way I played.  Now I know he had a 15pt advantage and I was still doing good.  I don't know if I would have won with equal points but I can't wait to give it a try =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

League Game

So I got to play a league game last night.  My LGS is hosting Privateer Press's Shattered Grounds League.  We are currently in the Blasted Heath movement of the campaign.  (You can check out the map here)  I missed the Nightfall part with the move but I am excited about the league.  Apparently, the campaign last year determined the release schedule for the new codex books.  Not sure what this year will bring but I like the real world application.

I played my Cygnar against Trollbloods last night.  I felt really good about the way I played.  I was aggressive in my style and his warlock was in danger beginning in turn 2.  I believe he killed Haley in turn 4 but there were some great moments.  My Hunter was able to advance deploy on an impassible cliff and snipe at people (including the Madrack, his warlock) all game long.  Two full units of Long Gunners with Officer attachments were shooting anywhere from 26-78 shots each turn.  Many of these were combined into single shots for more dmg.  they were able to clear lines of sight and allow others to target Madrack.  My sword knights distracted his Long Riders for a turn and kept them wrapped up in combat for another turn.  Much to our surprise, they were also attacked by his Dire Troll Bomber (right) who failed a Threshold check.  Finally, his Earthborn Dire Troll trampled its way through my lines and ate Haley!

Great game and new people to play against.  What a great evening!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shopping Spree at Privateer Press

So I know this is probably hurting my chances of winning but I thought it would be more fair to put it out there.  In exchange for a 3-minute survey, you get the chance to win $150 shopping spree from Privateer Press.  It's easy and fast.  Here's the link: Shopping Spree - Good luck!

Monday, May 31, 2010

New Ways to Play the Game

I found a new blog the other day.  Check out Hero's Gaming Blog.  One of the things he mentions is getting in some Warmachine games on Vassel.  My bet is most of you have already found this site but it was new to me.  I downloaded the engine, which they had a version for mac =)  Then I downloaded the module for Warmachine.  Now, here's the part that is going to sound really weird.  I played both sides!  This is when I realized I don't know the rules!   I found out that I normally rely on my opponents to tell me what to roll.  I never noticed it before but playing a new opponent on Thursday, I realized how much I depended on other people to know the rules.  By playing both sides I learned:
  • More of the rules.  There was no one to ask and I had to look up a ton of rules.  At the same time, it made me learn them.
  • I learned the stats for more models.  I played Cygnar vs Cygnar so I effectively got two games under my belt.  By the end, I was able to roll dice and not look at the cards every two seconds.
  • I also learned (again) that I play too defensively.  A game vs. my self takes forever!  Not very fun.
Anyway, I like the engine and it would also be a easy to do a battle report with the picture function.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Making New Friends

I mentioned in my last blog that I went to "Casual Warmachine" night at a local gaming store.  There was no Warmachine and I was pretty disheartened.  However, the comments were fantastic and upbeat so I bravely ventured into the local forums and where I saw this:

If anyone's interested, I'll be at Battleforge about 5:30-ish with a couple 35 pt lists i want to try. (my traditional Rahn list, and the Kaelyssa list I've been trying to whack out)

I posted back and we met up at 5:30.  We got two games in and he was really nice.  I would still classify my play at the newb level and he was both helpful and instructive.  There were also about 40 other players for the game night, some with Warmachine, others with the standard mix of 40k, WHFB, and FoW.

Game 1
For our first game, I took prime Haley's tier 4 list, full of Long Gunners and Hunters.  It is a very shooty army but a unit of Sword Knights added some teeth.  I (sort of) survived Rhan's feat round, where my Lancer (with the arc node) and my two Hunters were knocked down and then push/pulled right into the teeth of his infantry.  One lonely Hunter was left with 3 boxes at the end of it, his left sniper rifle ripped off and only and axe left.  He took out one infantry in turn.

On my next turn, pHaley popper her feat which allows all friendly units in her control range to make an additional attack, regardless of Rate of Fire.  The Sword Knights charged and took out his heavy 'Jack before it could light me on fire.  They had to roll a 4 to hit.  For damage, they rolled 4 dice on the first hit and 3 dice on the second hit and subtracted 8 from each.  It was brutal.  I had no idea those guys were so tough!

My Long Gunners were next and they stood still and shot.  This gives them an additional shot, on top of the one Haley gave them.  18 shots at his light warjack finally brought it down, but not before it arced a chain lightning ball into me twice.

At this point, the game was over.  My opponent conceded the game, saying the rest would just be my 2 units of Long Gunners chewing through his remaining forces.  This gave us time for a second game.

Game 2
Our second game was much quicker.  I took my standard Darius list with all heavy 'Jacks.  It is not a tier list but he had to leave for work in an hour and I am faster with the 'Jacks.  He took his Kaelyssa list.  This list is designed to shoot through walls, models, and everything else.  80% of the force is advanced deploy and I believe the only things with out stealth were the two heavy 'Jacks and Kaelyssa herself.  Everything else is designed to get at the warcaster and assassinate.  I didn't understand all this, though my opponent tried to warn me, and I started 'Jack walking my group up.  As soon as Darius was within range, it didn't matter that there were tons of Iron in front of him.  He was phantom shot from a far and a solo made it through for the coup de grace.  She decapitated him!  It's one of her special abilities.

Overall, it was a great night and I met several other players.  I didn't take any  pics.  I'm sure my opponent would have been cool with it but I already felt new and didn't want to add to it.

So thank you to all of you who posted encouraging comments last time.  They helped and I got to play two games.  Now to finish painting up those Long Gunners, they deserve it...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

Last night, I loaded all of my Cygnar mini's into foam and stuffed them into my carry bag.  I told myself not to chicken out and to go to the game store in my new town of Austin.  Tuesday nights, 7-12pm is Casual Warmachine and I wanted to play.

It's tough going somewhere new, not knowing anybody, and hoping they won't laugh at you too bad when you don't know the armor values of their mini's or what you have to roll to hit something.  I am a casual player but I want to play.

So I went to the game store for Causal Warmachine night... and no one was playing Warmachine.  =(  Eventually there were a couple of games of Warhammer Fantasy, and later a couple of 40k games broke out.  They were nice enough but where's the Warmachine?  I have army's for both Fantasy and 40k, they just are not what I am into right now.  That might change when the new fantasy book comes out in July but for now, give me my boys in blue!

I hung out and met people.  I watched games and chatted for about 3 hours.  This is what I learned:
  • Casual Warmachine Night just means open gaming.
  • If I have a different night off, I can go up and play then.
  • The calendar posted is not as accurate as I once thought.
  • Warmachine is not as prevalent here as it was in Kentucky
  • If I want a game, I will have to schedule one with someone on the local chat board.
I feel very brave for going all by myself.  I will try again next week when I have a day off.  I may also try the other store and see if my experience will be different.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What dice are you?

I blame Mik...

I am a d8

You are a d8: You are the true adventurer! Dragons rescued, princesses slayed, and all that business while O Fortuna plays in the background. Your social calender is crammed with heroic deeds, and you've personally saved the world from ultimate destruction at least twice. You are reliable, perhaps a bit predictable, but overall a shining example of what happens when courage meets determination.
Take the quiz at

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Five Minute Chocolate Cake

I thought I would post this as a fun side note.  This chocolate cake takes me five minutes to prepare and cook.  It's not pretty when you tip it out of the cup (thus no pic) but it is very tasty.

4 Tbsp Flour
4 Tbsp Sugar
2 Tbsp Cocoa
1 Egg
3 Tbsp Milk
3 Tbsp Oil
3 Tbsp (or more =) chocolate chips(optional) - I have also used toffee bits to good effect
a splash of vanilla

Mix together in a cappuccino cup or large coffee mug and microwave on high for 3 Minutes.  I know it looks like it's going to go over the side but I have never had it happen.  Be fearless!

Enjoy with a dollop of icing, ice cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, or whatever you want!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Front Arcs

So I gave in and painted front arc marks on Long Gunners that were already painted. I am not really a fan of arc marks but they will help in the game play. I went for a very neutral gray so as to not stand out. I also added a "L" on the back of the leader to keep him clear in a game.

I am also slightly OCD, so I drew a template to help place them. It worked well enough but there was still a little play in where the line ended up.

I think next time, I will find box with a good right angle. I will slide them back against the corner, then mark the line, again using something like the template. Has anyone else found a better (simpler/faster) way? Or do you eyeball and freehand them?

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Simple Green Outcome

I have mentioned my Trenchers before. I bought them cheap and cheaply painted. The problem is they sat on my shelf for 4 years before I decided I really wanted to strip them.

I dug through my photos and could not find a before pic of these Trenchers but you can sort of see the paint while they sit in the Simple Green. I let them sit for about a week (due to family stuff more than patience) and finally took a toothbrush to them. The Green did a great job. Everything was softened up and slid right off of flat surfaces. There are a number of crevices on these models that held the paint but I was able to get it out with an Exacto, though a toothpick probably would have been safer and easier on the models. There are still a few spots left but after 30 minutes of scrubbing and scraping, I decided it was good enough. The plastic bases were a little soft when I pulled them out but they seem fine today. They might have come off the mini's but the previous owner filled the bases with something like Milliput so they held.

Thanks for reading!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Layer

I am going to try to paint a big batch, though I may have to break it down when I get past the base colors. Here, I have filled in the spots the spray primer missed with Black. Next, I did a heavy overbrush on the base and painted the wood and leather with a dark brown.

I am a little intimidated by the large batch but I think it will help me paint the characters. Characters scare me a little, so hopefully with them lumped in with the regulars, they will get the same treatment. Otherwise, there is a strong chance they will sit on the shelf until I feel up to them. More to come...
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

God of War (side note)

I have been sucked in by God of War.  I made the simple mistake of playing the free God of War III Demo on the PS3 and decided I wanted to give it a try.  Add in the $30 2-pack of GoW 1 & 2 for the PS3 that just came out and I couldn't resist.  After 10 hours of great game play (and the help of the strategy guide) I will soon battle Ares, the God of War in the first game.

I really like the story, along with the challenges, though some of the timed challenges make me want to pull my hair out.    I am not a great gamer, normally sticking to fun titles in the Lego series but I have been able to get to the last battle, albeit in mortal (read easy) mode.  There have been a few moral choices I wish Kratos could have avoided or chosen differently in but over all I really like the game.

If you have not had a chance to try out this game, I heartily recommend it.  Then again, I was probably the holdout left!

I also added my Play Station Network ID to the side of my blog.  Feel free to check out the trophies I have earned so far and/or friend me on that network.  Thanks for reading! 

Friday, April 30, 2010

Assembling Cygnar

Stupid little pieces! I know they are going to pop off and yet there is no good way to pin them. Grrr... Now I remember why I had not assembled eStryker before. I also have eCaine but he has even more little pieces! I am probably a little spoiled by the ones who come as a single piece.

I picked up some Simple Green the other day and dropped 6 trenchers into a chipped coffee mug. They have been here for 48 hours and layers of paint are peeling off. It is my first time working with Simple Green but I have had these trenchers for 4+ years and they have never been fielded. I bought them already painted (and cheap) along with 4 primed black. I hope to get them cleaned up, buy a box of the new Trencher Commandos, and paint them all together.

Here are my recent purchases. I have the 6 Long Gunners, 2 Officers, and 2 Standard Bearers to fill out my Long Gunner Units. The new Warcaster Kara Sloan is also a new purchase. I already had eHaley, who finally got assembled, and the Squire, who was based along with the rest of them.

The next step will be to attach the washers and a coat of black spray primer to lock down the sand.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My next project

I have to wait a few days before I can afford the Long Gunners I want to buy so I dug these little guys out. They are the extra Bodgers that go with my Field Mechaniks. I like the poses but there are only two and honestly I am too lazy to fiddle with them. I will just have to paint them differently.

I went ahead and cleaned the flashing, glued them to their bases, painted Elmer's glue down and added the sand from my Santa Cruz Basing Kit. Once this was dry, I glued the washers down, thus avoiding trapped sand.

Next, I took them outside and primed them with Krylon Ultra-Flat Black paint. I know it's not the special snazzy stuff but it costs about 1/5th the amount so I am good with it =) I decided I wanted to base them in this order so the black primer would help seal in the sand and coat the washer. I had a difficult time getting the washer coated with brushed on paint. The spray paint coated much better.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finished Arcane Tempest Gun Mages

I finally have them finished. They have had their last layers of clear coat sprayed on and I am done! I am really happy with the way the blue fabrics came out. I am even satisfied with the flesh tones. I won't feel too bashful about slapping these guys down on the field of combat. (Click any pic for a larger version).

This is the Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Solo and apparently he is a little bashful. The close up still shows where my technique needs work (but my photography is getting pretty good!) but he is the same quality as the above unit so I feel pretty good about him.

The Storm Smiths were also completed with this batch. Again, I am pleased with the result. Thanks for reading!

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When I arrived home from work the other night, I was met with a wonderful surprise! My significant other had been busy at the local home and garden store.

Originally, I only had the little herb garden but now we have a great little area. I find that we naturally gravitate here, often taking our dinners out side =)

This is my palm tree! There are also little flowery plants at the base to add color. I am not really into plants that aren't edible but the palm tree is kind of fun =)

This is my other non-edible plant. It is a Lamb's Ear and that is exactly what the leaves feel like. I had to leave my last one in Kentucky and this was a beautiful surprise.

Finally, these are my herbs. Oregano was the first to pop up but is still very small. The Cilantro was last to sprout but is growing like crazy. I can't wait to try my hand at salsa!
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This is my Basil and the Chives are on the right. Thanks for reading and the there will be miniatures in the next post =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What to buy...

As with all good miniature painters, finishing 10 mini's makes me feel like I have accomplished something. The Gun Mages only lack a final flat coat of varnish before they get their big reveal photo. So last night, I started thinking about what to paint next.

The new Cygnar Forces books are amazing and their warcaster tier builds have some really nice bonuses. I don't believe there are any 'game winner' bonuses but a free officer attachment, lower costing jacks, and a couple of advanced deployments can't hurt. The problem (and the subtly) of the system is that ever caster has a unit they must have two of to get to the top tier. For instance, Commander Coleman Stryker, poster boy of the Cygnar military, must be fielded with 2 or more Long Gunner units in order to get a free Long Gunner Officer attachment. If not, you can't get to his forth tier, take two Lancers, and let his army begin the game with his upkeep spells. The tier builds are optional and none of them are really game winning but they are still enticing to the gamer.

So of course I am going to think about the tier system when I decide what to paint next. The problem is that I don't have two units of Long Gunners! Nor do I have 2 units of Trenchers. Silly me, I only bought and painted 1 unit of Gun Mages!

I began by looking at what I already had, what I had not painted yet, and what I might have to buy to play my favorite casters.
  • Prime Stryker - I actually have enough Long Gunners for 2 half units and I could proxy an Ironclad for Ol' Rowdy. To really make the most out of the build, I would want to buy 6 more Long Gunners and 2 officers and standard bearers. Cost = $53 USD.

  • Prime Haley - Has the same Long Gunner requirement so I could field her as is. Oh wait, I don't have pHaley so that's $8. To get most out of the build, I would need the same 6 gunners and 4 officers plus 4 more Sword Knights. Cost = $87.

  • Darius (my favorite caster) - I would need 6 more Sword Knights to field it but I would not paint just 6. I would want to get the full 14 more plus the two officers and standard bearers. This same unit would allow me to field pNemo but the cost of the 14+4 mini's would = $135. I love Darius but this seems like a lot right now, especially after a move.
I continued to break down my options (in a spreadsheet because I'm a nerd) and here is what I came up with for a shopping list:
  • 6 Long Gunners + 4 Officer/standard bearers = $53
  • pHaley = $8
  • Kara Sloan (a new caster) = $12
  • 6 Rangers = $31
  • Total cost = $104
I can buy it in pieces and this shopping list allows me to play three different casters. I am pretty sure this is the direction I will go.

Then again, I could not buy anything and just paint my orks...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Finishing the Gun Mages

We have finally gotten moved in here in Austin and I am enjoying my new job with Best Buy. I also finally got my paints unpacked and I am almost finished with my Gun Mages. I busted out the basing kit I won from Santa Cruz Warhammer and got to it. Here is the mostly painted Gun Mages, Gun Mage Solo, and 3 Stormsmiths.

Below is the chipped slate included in the kit. There is a nice selection of large and small pieces. The flat sides are great for gluing them to the base.

Here I have glued down the pieces of slate. I am also getting ready to glue the washers underneath.

Here is the sand included in the kit. The sand has good texture and, like the slate, there will be plenty for a ton of minis.

A few of the bases already had washers, but I waited to glue down the rest until after the sand. This way, I avoid getting sand stuck under the base. I have roughed up the washers with my file for a better bond.

After the sand is glued down, I mix Black paint and Elmer's 1:1 and paint the sand. It locks in the sand and provides a base coat.

All lined up with a heavy overbrush of FA's Burnt Umber.

A close up of the basing. Finished pics should be up tomorrow.

Finally, I wanted to show off my herb garden. It is much smaller than my garden last year but it is much more manageable in an apartment space. Basil, Cilantro, Oregano, and Chives.

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