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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I worked on the Fourth of July (Independence Day for Americans) and a very strange man came to my counter.  I work at Best Buy, a large electronics store, at the customer service / return desk.  You hear some weird stuff working with people but this guy was so mellow and non-descript it was strange.  He spoke very monotone, with no facial expression or voice inflection.  He was dressed in a black T-shirt that had faded a little with time, Jeans that were once black but now also faded and a black baseball cap.  It sounds weird to write it but at the time it looked more like a uniform than something someone would choose to wear.  There is even a restaurant near here that requires the employees to wear all black so the white apron pops.

As I went through the transaction, I smiled, was upbeat, and hit all the points I am supposed to.  As I was handing back the guys change I noticed the camera!  In the bill of his black baseball cap was a pin-hole spy camera!  It totally freaked me out!  Thankfully, we were already done and he was leaving the store.  I mentioned it to my supervisor but what can you do?

So now I don't know what happened.  Is he a Private Investigator that was out running errands?  Was it some sort of secret shopper?  Are we going to be on Dateline or some other investigative reporting show?  Or maybe he is just a creepy guy who likes to re-live his day.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Self Restraint

The Temptation: I am going to the game store in a few hours to pick up my copy of No Quarter #30.  I am a little late but it was back-ordered when I started playing again. 

The Danger: I have $70 in birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.  I would love to pick up the new Trencher Commando unit ($50) and the Heavy Warjack kit ($35).  I also want to pick up the new Hordes Faction deck ($18) and the new No Quarter ($7.50) when they comes out later this month.

The Reality: I still haven't finished painting my Long Gunners, Rangers, or the casters I picked up a month ago.

In trying to rationalize my addiction to lead and plastic, I keep telling myself that I would be able to play with the commandos almost straight out of the box (gasp) unpainted!

The Decision: I Will Not buy more minis. I Will Not buy more minis. I Will Not buy more minis....

I will only buy the No Quarter they ordered for me.  I have two days off coming up and I will finish painting the Long Gunners by Tuesday and, if the weather is good, spray coat them on Wednesday.  Finishing the Long Gunners means I can buy the Commandos....   Stupid addiction.

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