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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Trolls Arrived!

I bought these from a great trader on Bartertown. They are well painted and a good start to a Trollbloods list. I'm one happy camper! Here are some quick phone pics:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Favorite Site

One of my friends recently pointed me towards Bartertown.  It is a great place where people can trade their miniatures to new homes.  Speaking of new homes, some Trollbloods are making their way to mine!  I picked up a great deal on:
  • pMadrak
  • 2 Axers
  • 6 Impalers
  • Winter Troll
All but one of the Impalers are well painted and are ready to hit the board.  I will post pics as soon as I get them in the mail. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Quarter Plus Link

Check it out here!
I was bumming around the internet before I had to go to work and I stumbled across the No Quarter Plus Link.  It opens a PDF preview of No Quarter Issue 41.  The Colossals take a step forward, as well as a sketch of character creation in the new Iron Kingdoms RPG.  You also get Gaterman goodness in a fiction along with other tasty bits!  I can't wait!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Game Night as a Player!

This is the first night I will be able to field a player in DnD.  One of my regular players is finally ready to try his hand at DMing and I can't wait!  I am making a killer Goliath Barbarian Slayer.  High Crits, Rages, and Negligible Armor, here I come!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weeks 1-10

Week 1 (3/11/12)
238 lbs. - BMI 36.2
And So It Begins- I started using EA Sports Active 2 Game.  It has a heart rate monitor, motion sensors that do not require the PS3 Camera, and a resistance band.  It also kicked my a$$.  I thought I was going to die the first time I worked out!  However, as I was laying on the floor, gasping for air, a trophy popped up.  Actually, about 5 trophies popped up.  I am a trophy seeker in video games and this was what I needed to play it again in two days.  It isn't perfect.  There are a few moves it has trouble registering (particularly squats), but over all, I give it a 4 out of 5.  It also got me moving enough to add other things to my work out.

Week 2 (3/18/12)  
236 lbs. - BMI 35.9
Bar codes and Food - I started counting my calories with the Lose It app.  I have used this before with mixed success but they have added a new feature that allows me to scan the food I am eating.  If it has a bar code, I can scan it and go.  It also tells me that if I lose 2 lbs. a week, I am on track to be down to 180 lbs. by Oct. 1st!

Week 3 (3/25/12) 
233 lbs. - BMI 35.4
Workout - I am in my 3rd week of a 9 week program on the EA Sports Active 2 game.  I am doing the Easy setting.  It is constantly mixing new exercises with previous ones.  I am really enjoying the boxing moves and making laps around my couch (I don't run in place very well).  Slowly, it is increasing the duration of my workout to 25 min.
Week 4 (4/1/12) 
231 lbs. - BMI 35.1
Running - I started running this week!!  I have lost 8 lbs, for an average of 2 lbs a week and I am right on track for where I want to be.  I think the last time I ran, I was 12 and in a gym class.  It's not pretty, but I can say I went jogging!  I am using one of the couch to 5k programs in 8 weeks.  I can play my play list on my iphone and it breaks in and tells me when to walk, jog, the half way point, and cool down.  I really like it!

Week 5 (4/8/12) 
228 lbs. - BMI 34.7
Other Activities - Today is Easter Sunday.  I am down 10 lbs and feeling good.  This also completes my first week of jogging and begins my second.  I am a little scared about what the jogging will look like but I think I can do it.  I am also starting to get interested in biking. My wife bikes and has a really nice 21 speed bike that scares me.  However, I want to see what I can do.  I may be buying a bike in the next month or two so we can go together.  We also received the Star Wars game for Kinect in our Easter Basket.  It was fun to be able to move around and not get so winded!
Goals achieved:  
Fit into a Men's XL Shirt - 4/2/12
Lose 8 lbs to get to 230 lbs - 4/3/12 
Begin running program - 4/4/12 
Finished Week 1 of Running Program - 4/8/12

Week 6 (4/15/12) 
225 lbs. - BMI 34.2
Notch on the Belt - I finished my second week of jogging!  I feel good and I even ran for part of the jog today!  I still have a long way to go on my journey but I feel better.  I am down another notch on my belt, I have lost 12 lbs, and the BMI calculator says my BMI is 34.2.  I tried biking this week but I really need to do something different with the seat.  I am still experimenting with it.
Goals achieved: 
Finished Week 2 of Running Program - 4/15/12 

Week 7 (4/22/12) 
223 lbs. - BMI 33.9
Good Choices - I lost another 2 lbs. this week, bringing me down to 14 lost so far.  I took about 3 days off due to family stuff but I am getting back to it.  I am making good food choices, even through the family stuff.  A friend of mine and I are also looking into doing a mud run in the fall, perhaps The Jail Break.  I also bought a bike!
Week 8 (4/29/12) 
223 lbs. - BMI 33.9
Back Problems - I tweaked my back this week and I have not been able to work out all week.  I have ongoing back problems and I know they will be reduced as I take the weight off.  It was still VERY discouraging.  I have been pretty vigorous in watching my calories and was able to maintain my weight, so I am still down 14 lbs so far.  I talked about doing a mud run with my friends and co-workers and got a huge response.  It looks like we will be participating in the 5k Foam Fest Oct. 20th.  I should be 180 lbs by then and I can't wait!

Week 9 (5/6/12) 
222 lbs. - BMI 33.8
Exercise Caution - This was a tough week.  I am still being very careful with my back and I kind of got out of the habit of exercising.  How quickly we stall!!  I worked out twice this week and did an hour of weed-eating.   I am down 16 lbs now, primarily due to good eating.  A friend pointed me at another app called Nexercise.  It doesn't track your calories but you get XP for each exercise you do.  There are also prizes along the way and discounts you qualify for as you exercise.  It's kind of a fun diversion.
Goal Achieved:
Lose 18 lbs to get to 220 lbs. - 5/7/12

Week 10 (5/13/12) 
219 lbs. - BMI 33.3
Will Work for Trophies - My back is fully recovered now and I am working out every day trying to get my trophy in EA Sports Active 2 for completing a 9-week program without missing any workouts.  It counts, as long as the sessions are made up before the end date.  I am down 19 lbs. and under the 220 mark!!  I also figured out that BMI has dropped 3 full points, from 36.2 to 33.3.  I am still in the Obese category (much to my embarrassment) but that is some major movement.  Three more points and I get to move into the overweight category! 
Goals Achieved: 
Complete 9 week EA Sports Active Program on Easy - 5/17/12
Buy a smaller belt -  5/17/12 (size 38)

Potato Bar Night

For our Thursday game group last week, we had Potato Bar Night.  One of the new guys eats like a machine so when I saw this potato, I had to get it for him.  The picture is a little misleading, due to the big one in the foreground.  It was 2.5x the size of and of the others.  Inside the foil was olive oil and sea salt.  We loaded them up with cheese, bacon, sour cream, chives, black olives, and cheesy broccoli (plus a few others I don't remember).  And he ate every bit...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Weight Loss Goals Page

My Dad had his second heart attack in 18 months in March of 2012.  This is my wake-up call.  I do not want to develop diabetes, have a heart attack, or be fat.  I am tired of having low back problems, primarily caused by being over weight.  I also want to look better for my 20 year reunion in 2016.  My highest was 248 lbs in 2010.  After ups and downs, I am starting this phase of my journey at 238 lbs in March of 2012.  I have always admired the people that serve in the military so I included some of the Army fitness test standards in my goals.  These are my goals.

Weight-Loss (since 3/10/12)
  • Lose 8 lbs to get to 230 lbs - Achieved 4/3/12
  • Lose 18 lbs to get to 220 lbs. - Achieved 5/7/12
  • Lose 28 lbs to get to 210 lbs. - Achieved 6/13/12
  • Lose 38 lbs to get to 200 lbs.
  • Lose 58 lbs to get to 180 lbs.
  • Lose 70 lbs to get to 168 lbs. (the max Army std.)
  • Lose 78 lbs to get to 160 lbs.
  • Lose 98 lbs to get to 140 lbs. 
  • BMI down to 29 (190 lbs for my height), taking me below the Obese line
  • BMI down to 24 (160 lbs for my height), taking me below the overweight line and into the healthy zone
  • BMI down to 20 (135 lbs for my height), taking me to the middle of my healthy zone.
  • Jog without stopping, around the block - Achieved 6/6/12
  • Jog without stopping, around 2 blocks - Achieved 6/10/12
  • Jog down to the swimming pool and back without stopping (5 blocks away) - Achieved 6/17/12
  • Do 15 pushups consecutively (min for Army fitness test)
  • Do 20 pushups consecutively
  • Do 30 pushups consecutively
  • Do 40 pushups consecutively
  • Do 45 pushups consecutively (full pts for Army fitness test)
  • Do 10 situps consecutively
  • Do 20 situps consecutively 
  • Do 30 situps consecutively  
  • Do 42 situps consecutively (min for Army fitness test)
  • Do 50 situps consecutively 
  • Do 60 squats consecutively
  • Do 70 situps consecutively 
  • Do 76 situps consecutively (full pts for Army fitness test)
  • Begin running with this 8 week program
  • Begin the program!! - Accomplished 4/4/12
  • Week 1 - Accomplished 4/8/12 
  • Week 2 - Accomplished 4/15/12
  • Week 3 - Accomplished 6/3/12
  • Week 4 Accomplished 6/10/12
  • Week 5 - Accomplished 6/17/12
  • Week 6 - Accomplished 6/25/12
  • Week 7 - Accomplished 7/9/12
  • Week 8 - Accomplished 7/19/12
  • Week 9 - Accomplished 7/30/12

  • Run the C25K app with faster pace -
  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
  • Week 5
  • Week 6
  • Week 7
  • Week 8
  • Week 9

    • Run 1 mile without stopping - Accomplished 6/17/12
    • Run 2 miles - Accomplished 6/23/12 (in 32 min.)
    • Run 2 miles without stopping - 7/30/12
    • Run 2 miles in under 21 minutes (min for Army fitness test)
    • Run 2 miles in under 20 minutes
    • Run 2 miles in under 19 minutes
    • Run 2 miles in under 18 minutes
    • Run 2 miles in under 17 minutes
    • Run 2 miles in under 16 minutes (full pts for Army fitness test) 
    • Bike 1 mile - Achieved 6/28/12
    • Bike 2 miles - Achieved 6/28/12
    • Bike 3 miles
    • Bike 4 miles
    • Bike the local State Park (3 miles with 140ft elevation gain)
    • Bike 5 miles
    • Bike 6 miles
    • Bike 7 miles
    • Bike 8 miles
    • Bike 10 miles
    • Bike to the State Park, do the bike trail, and bike home (8 miles and Huge hills)

    • Complete the EA Sports Active 2 PS3 Game 9 week program on Easy- Accomplished 5/17/12
    • Complete the EA Sports Active 2 PS3 Game Cardio program on Medium 
    •  Complete the EA Sports Active 2 PS3 Game 9 week program on Medium
    •  Complete the EA Sports Active 2 PS3 Game Cardio program on Hard
    • Complete the EA Sports Active 2 PS3 Game 9 week program on Hard 

    •  Beginner Week 1 Biggest Loser Exercise Program
    •  Beginner Week 2 Biggest Loser Exercise Program
    •  Beginner Week 3 Biggest Loser Exercise Program
    •  Beginner Week 1 Biggest Loser Exercise Program 
    •  Beginner Week 2 Biggest Loser Exercise Program
    •  Beginner Week 3 Biggest Loser Exercise Program 
    • Intermediate Week 1 Biggest Loser Exercise Program
    • Intermediate Week 2 Biggest Loser Exercise Program
    • Intermediate Week 3 Biggest Loser Exercise Program
    • Intermediate Week 1 Biggest Loser Exercise Program
    • Intermediate Week 2 Biggest Loser Exercise Program
    • Intermediate Week 3 Biggest Loser Exercise Program 

    • Run in a 5k
    • Run in a 10k
    • Take a UFC style fight class
    • Take a Boot Camp style class
    • Be able to pass the minimums for an Army fitness test
    • Go on a Cruise
    • Visit Alaska - Accomplished in May 2010
    • Go on a backpacking trip
    • Go on a canoe trip
    • Visit Australia
    • Fit into a Men's XL Shirt - Achieved 4-2-12
    • Fit into a Men's L Shirt - Achieved 6/27/12
    • Buy a smaller belt - Achieved 5-17-12 (size 38) 
    • Fit into a Men's L Work Shirt - Achieved 7-20-12
    • Fit into my Women's XL Work Shirt
    • Fit into a Women's XL Shirt
    • Fit into a Women's L Shirt
    • Shop in the Regular size women's section - Achieved 6/27/12
    • Fit into a size 16 Jeans 
    • Fit into a size 12 Jeans 
    • Fit a 32 x32 Jean 


    It makes us happy...

    Friday, March 9, 2012

    A Beautiful eHaley

    I just wanted to created a link over to Hamster Cage Studio.  This is his work and I think it is gorgeous! I will be refrencing his paint job when I get around to painting my own Haley.  Click here for lots more angles.

    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    Space Marines

    I think I am finally ready to get rid of my Space Marines.  A friend of mine is going barter with them, hopefully for some Trollbloods.  I am selling / trading the whole lot as one group.  If you want to make an offer, send me a message at Shelexie at gmail dot com.  He needed pics  and the list so here they are:

    Group Shot

    Troops - On the Left are the ones I am calling Black Scheme

    Troops and Terminators

    Assault Troops

    Troops and Heavy Weapons - What I am calling Blue Scheme

    More Troops and Heavy Weapons

    Plasma Weapons, Assault Bike, and Dreadnought

    Bike and Vehicles

    Jump Packs and Classic Metal Figs
    Metal Space Wolf Lord and more parts
    All the Parts for Bike
    and a 2nd Bike
    Some classic decals and a banners

    List as best as I can tell: (if it does not say 'Metal' then it is probably plastic)
    • 21 Troops with Bolt Gun - 7 in the Black Scheme, 14 in Blue Scheme
    • 7 Troops in Assault on Black Reach (AoBR) Style  - 2 in Blue Scheme, 3 primed Black, 1 Primed white, 1 primed white and red, + 1 primed black but missing a gun
    • 3 Troops with pistol, chainsword, and banner pole - 3 in Blue Scheme
    • 1 Troop with Bolt Gun and Banner Pole - 1 in Blue Scheme
    • 2 Troop with Chain Sword with Pistol - 1 in Black Scheme, 1 primed black
    • 1 Troop with Pistol with Binoculars - 1 Primed Black
    • 4 Troop with Heavy Bolters - 2 in Black Scheme, 2 in Blue Scheme
    • 5 Troop with Heavy Plasma Guns - 2 in Black Scheme, 3 in Blue Scheme
    • 3 Troop with Lascannons - 2 in Black Scheme, 1 in Blue Scheme 
    • 6 Troop with Missile Launchers - 6 in Blue Scheme
    • 4 Troop with Flamers - 4 in Blue Scheme
    • 1 Sargent pointing with Chainsword - 1 in Blue Scheme
    • 5 Metal Terminators with Lightning Claws - 5 primed black
    • 1 Metal Terminators with Thunder Hammer and Shield - 1 Primed black
    • 1 Metal Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator Armor - 1 Primed Black
    • 6 Assault Troops with Jump Packs, Pistols, and Chainswords - 6 primed black.  The swords will need a little gluing.
    • 1 Assault Troops with Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol, and Chainsword - 1 primed Black
    • 1 Special Character from AoBR carrying Pistol and Box - 1 primed black
    • 3 Troops in pose-able pieces and painted a little Blue
    • 8 Metal Scouts with Sniper Rifles - 8 Bare Metal
    • 2 Metal Scouts with Bolters - 2 Bare Metal
    • 1 Metal Scout with Missile Launcher - 1 Bare Metal
    • 1 Metal Scout Leader with Bolt Pistol - 1 Bare Metal
    • 2 Metal Seargents with Banner Poles and Bolters, one also has a Scanner - 2 Primed Black
    • 1 Metal Techmarine - 1 Primed Black
    • 1 Metal Apothecary with Sword and Combo-Weapon - 1 Primed White
    • 1 Metal Captain withPower Sword, Double Bolt Pistol, and Banner Pole - 1 Primed Black
    • 1 Metal Captain with Lightning Claws and Banner Pole - 1 Primed Black
    • 1 Captain with Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, and Cape - 1 Primed Black
    • 1 Metal Spacewolf Chaplain with Plasma Pistol, Chaplain stick, and Banner Pole - Stripped to Metal
    • 1 Cyclone Landspeeder - 1 in Blue Scheme
    • 1 Landspeeder - 1 in Blue Scheme
    • 1 Bike - 1 Primed Black
    • 2 Bikes - 2 Still on the Sprue and not painted
    • 1 Assault Bike - 1 primed black with some blue
    • 1 Land Raider - 1 in Blue Scheme with all moving hatches and guns
    • 1 Classic Rhino Baal something or other - 1 Blue Scheme (not pictured above because I found it later)
    • 1 AoBR Dreadnough - 1 in Black Scheme
    • 14 Classic Metal Troops - 14 in Bare Metal.  I am about 90% sure all the pieces are with them.
    • 10 Jump Packs
    • Tons of Parts - heads, packs, shoulder pads, bolters, arms, purity seals, grenades, knives, belts, etc.
    • 4 AoBR troops that may be missing arms or they may be in the "tons of parts" ziplock
    • 1 AoBR troop with a missle launcher but the other arm may be in the above ziplock
    • Several Sheets of Old School Decals

    Friday, March 2, 2012

    My Ability Scores (3.5)

    Just an interesting idea for self assessment.  It falls apart at certain points.  Feel free to try determining your own scores.

    STR = 8 (Based on Over Head Lift of 80lbs.)
    DEX = 10 (Based on Average Reflexes, not klutzy)
    CON = 9 (10 for resistance to disease but -1 for stamina)
    INT = 14 (pretty smart)
    WIS = 10 (Not absent minded but I miss some things too)
    CHR = 12 (97% of people like me.  Go figure.)

    Craft (Painting Miniatures)
    Knowledge (Religion)
    Profession (Retail)
    Use Magic Device (computer)

    It turns out I am an average character.  Now what can I do to level up...

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    Mini's Past