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Friday, March 19, 2010

Moved in

We have moved to Austin! I am finally ready to start painting again and my mini's are packed in one of the many boxes still left to unpack. I will also have time soon to check out the stores here in Austin. Anyone have one they like?


BJ said...

Welcome to Texas, I am south of you in San Antonio, but I hear Austin has some good stores. I have yet to come check them out though!


Clovis Cithog said...

welcome to central texas,

you will find plenty of gaming opportunities in your new home

i am 50 miles north of you in Killeen

Mik said...

Congrats! Glad everything's going according to plan, I hope you find some cool gamers to hang out with.

And for the record, I'm "only" 888.5 miles from you!

Shelexie said...

Thanks guys! I can't wait to start painting again but for some reason I am required to unpack all this stuff first. Sheesh!

For Mik: I am also looking for my first seeds for the planting season =)

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