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Friday, July 2, 2010

Self Restraint

The Temptation: I am going to the game store in a few hours to pick up my copy of No Quarter #30.  I am a little late but it was back-ordered when I started playing again. 

The Danger: I have $70 in birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.  I would love to pick up the new Trencher Commando unit ($50) and the Heavy Warjack kit ($35).  I also want to pick up the new Hordes Faction deck ($18) and the new No Quarter ($7.50) when they comes out later this month.

The Reality: I still haven't finished painting my Long Gunners, Rangers, or the casters I picked up a month ago.

In trying to rationalize my addiction to lead and plastic, I keep telling myself that I would be able to play with the commandos almost straight out of the box (gasp) unpainted!

The Decision: I Will Not buy more minis. I Will Not buy more minis. I Will Not buy more minis....

I will only buy the No Quarter they ordered for me.  I have two days off coming up and I will finish painting the Long Gunners by Tuesday and, if the weather is good, spray coat them on Wednesday.  Finishing the Long Gunners means I can buy the Commandos....   Stupid addiction.


Eli Arndt said...

Sounds like a reasonable approach. The Commandoes aren't going anywhere and if you can keep yourself from spending the B-day money on other stuff, then good for you.

I have a tendancy to always find other things to spend it on if I don't spend it right away, often frittering it away on incidentals.


me said...

I totally loved the Cheesecake Factory birthday party. I hope the addiction gets sated without the $6.95 you spent on my marvelous Limoncello cake! Thanks for letting me share your b-day.

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