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Friday, July 6, 2012

Fire Breathing Ninjas!

 I registered for my first 5k obstacle course!  It also happens to be my first 5k.  The Austin 5k Foam Fest is this October and I will be running.  I am also cajoling several of my friends into running with me as a team.  I came up with the best name ever: Fire-Breathing Ninjas!  I tried google searching the name to find some good pics to go with the info and, would you believe, there are very few fire-breathing ninjas out there??  So I found a website that gave instructions on how to draw them with Adobe Illustrator.  Using the instructions I found on Blog Spoon Graphics, a free trial version of Adobe Illustrator, and ZERO experience with any of the above, I came up with this:
Dang it!  He looks great on a white background.  On the black, not so good.
I am pretty proud of the little guy!  Behold the Fire-Breathing Ninja of Doom!  Now, I just have to get him on a T-shirt for the race... oh, and keep training.  I am down 32 lbs. and I am able to jog 2 miles in 25 minutes.  I can get there by October...


Digital Orc said...

Sweet! I just completed the Warrior Dash (3.5 miles) in Ohio! Great time.

Shelexie said...

Thanks for reading! This run promises to be a milder version of some of the warrior/spartan/convict runs. I will probably post more about it as the time gets closer =)

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