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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back from Vacation and Basing Kit

I am back from vacation and we had a great trip. We drove through the Smokies, ate a lot of great food, and played Black Light Pirate Mini Golf (left).

We also played Munchkin and dug out the old Magic: The Gathering cards. I haven't played Magic in years and we had a blast. I even got to teach my roommate Magic and we have played a few games since we got home. Good times!

Before I left, I received the Basing Kit I won from Santa Cruz Warhammer. Its a nice kit and here are a few pics.

From 01/30/10 Basing Kit
The kit includes static grass, slate chips, sand, tooth picks, and a basing wash.

From 01/30/10 Basing Kit
This shows the size of the containers. This container of slate chips would probably base a whole army for me, if not more! Now I just have to get in gear and finish some minis =)


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