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Monday, January 18, 2010

On Vacation

I am on vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN!!! We are here with friends for the week and the only thing we have scheduled is indoor skydiving. That's right, Indoor Skydiving! There is a wind tunnel turned upwards and you get to skydive with out the messiness of planes and the possibility of dying. That's tomorrow. Yesterday, we drove in, unpacked, ate at Fuddruckers (a great hamburger place not found in Kentucky) and I learned how to play Munchkin. Today, there are pajamas, video games, Munchkin, and sleep. What a way to start a vacation!


Mik said...

If you can find a Five Guys Burgers, they're even better. Calhoun's and Smoky Mountain Brewery restaurants are a local chain and they have a good selection of micro-brews.


Shelexie said...

Thanks man! You don't happen to know of a game store around do ya? I was thinking about picking up zombies!!! or one of the others y'all did at the Ruchtcon. Let me know =)

Mik said...

There's a great store in east Knoxville, only be about a 45 minute drive from where you are, called Sci-Fi City. It's in Knoxville Center Mall and should be easy to find, it's right off interstate I-640.

If the weather holds and you want to do some hiking, there's tons of trails in the Smokies too, ask about the Chimneys for an all-day hike, or Clingman's Dome. There are short ones too, like Fall Creek Falls.

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