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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Kicked Butt!

So, in my last post, I wrote about how my Cygnar warcaster Haley got eaten by a Earthborn Dire Troll (picture below).  I played a great game, aggressive and threatening his warlock.  I lost but I was really happy with the game and it wouldn't have taken much for it to go my way.

Well, as I was writing my post, I wanted to include my opponents Trollblood's list.  I started piecing it together from what I remembered but I couldn't get it to equal 35pts.  I messaged him and asked for his list so I could read up on the mini's.  This is what I got back.

@9:30pm, he wrote:
Earthborn Dire Troll
Dire Troll Bomber
Troll Axer
5 Long Riders
6 Pygmy Burrowers
Fell Caller Hero
Stone Scribe Chronicler
I believe that was the whole list.

@10:30pm, he wrote:
HOLY &#!+! WE PLAYED A 35 POINT GAME! I played 50 points against you, I am so sorry. I'm gonna let [the Press Ganger] know and give you the win for that night and fix our cards. I am so sorry. It was still a good game, but you totally should have won.  I think it was because I had just played a 50 point game, and I just f@#$ up. I'm sorry, I hope we can play a real game again sometime.

I think it clicked when he was sending the info to our Press Ganger.  Either way, I feel really good about the game!  It was a really fun game and I liked the way I played.  Now I know he had a 15pt advantage and I was still doing good.  I don't know if I would have won with equal points but I can't wait to give it a try =)


Gyro said...

Ha! I think it's safe to say you more than held your own, especially given the 15pt handicap! Regardless if you would've won the game or not, an oversight like that automatically DQ's your opponent. Remember, a "w" in your column is the bottomline.

Gyro said...

No, it's NOT the bottomline, having FUN is the bottomline. I was referring more to a league play environment.

Eli Arndt said...

If you did really well against an over-pointed opponent then you did do really well.

We used to have a guy in our Battletech group who routinely cheated on the tonnage of his mechs and still lost all the time. We used to tease him for sucking bacd enough that he couldn't even win by cheating.

Not that the guy in your story intentionally cheated, but the point is that you did wellat a disadvantage, imagine what you will do with a balanced game.

Shelexie said...

Thanks guys! I'm still smiling about it. =)

@Gyro - I totally agree that fun is the key. Still, it's nice to have a few more points since I started the league late.

@Eli - I'm playing another player today so I guess we will find out ;)

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