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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

League Game

So I got to play a league game last night.  My LGS is hosting Privateer Press's Shattered Grounds League.  We are currently in the Blasted Heath movement of the campaign.  (You can check out the map here)  I missed the Nightfall part with the move but I am excited about the league.  Apparently, the campaign last year determined the release schedule for the new codex books.  Not sure what this year will bring but I like the real world application.

I played my Cygnar against Trollbloods last night.  I felt really good about the way I played.  I was aggressive in my style and his warlock was in danger beginning in turn 2.  I believe he killed Haley in turn 4 but there were some great moments.  My Hunter was able to advance deploy on an impassible cliff and snipe at people (including the Madrack, his warlock) all game long.  Two full units of Long Gunners with Officer attachments were shooting anywhere from 26-78 shots each turn.  Many of these were combined into single shots for more dmg.  they were able to clear lines of sight and allow others to target Madrack.  My sword knights distracted his Long Riders for a turn and kept them wrapped up in combat for another turn.  Much to our surprise, they were also attacked by his Dire Troll Bomber (right) who failed a Threshold check.  Finally, his Earthborn Dire Troll trampled its way through my lines and ate Haley!

Great game and new people to play against.  What a great evening!


Gyro said...

Look at you all into the local gaming scene. That took no time at all!

Shelexie said...

Check out the next post! =)

jmezz382 said...

True ..... gad to see getting your feet wet has allowed many gaming opportunities

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