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Monday, September 6, 2010


My significant other surprised me with nerdy presents!  I opened the bag to find two units of Circle mini's.  These are the Tharn Bloodtrackers.

Picture from Privateer Press Website.  Buy their stuff!
 These ladies are the Circles version of forward scouts.  They have advance deploy, pathfinder, and stealth.  They can also select and enemy's model or unit as their prey, giving nice bonuses.  They are a tad on the squishy side but for 5 pts for 6 or 8 pts for 10 they feel like a nice unit.

I also received a unit of Reeves of Orboros.
Picture also from Privateer Press.
This is a nice little shooting unit.  Their crossbows have a range of 12" and POW of 10 but they also benefit from combined ranged attacks, ignore concealment and cover effects, and they have pathfinder.  They also have a rule that if they kill an enemy model, they get to take a second shot.

I really like both units and I didn't have either of them.  So the good news is I got two new units for free!  The down side... Well, I have to pick up the extra mini's to fill out the units before I start painting them!  Seriously though, picking up the 8 extra mini's to fill out the ranks would run me about $37.50.  The Reeves also have a unit attachment that I would get, adding another $13.50.  While writing this up, I just almost ordered them but I convinced myself to wait, at least until after vacation.  I guess we will see how long my resolve holds up =)


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