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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Distractions Part II

Sorry it has been a while guys.  Things in progress:
  • We are buying a house!  In fact, we are building a house.  To the right is the floor plan that we chose.  Bedroom 2 will probably be my hobby room and possibly a gaming table!  We are very excited about the large living area.  There are no walls dividing the Living Room, Dining Room, and the Kitchen so visually, it is a huge room.  We choose options for the house in the next two weeks and they could start construction in early February.
  • We decided to move out of our apartment after a) It took an hour and half to respond to the "emergency" pager as our apartment flooded with gray water from upstairs and b) my car was broken into on Christmas and the apartment made zero effort to assist.  Grrr...
  • I have spent $0 on miniatures or really anything else.  Our current mantra: "I don't want ____, I want to buy a house."  I haven't even bought the new Force book for Circle of Orborus which I was sure I would.
  • World of Warcraft Cataclysm released and I have leveled up my little gnome mage from 73 to 81 in about 3 weeks.  Not bad since it normally takes me about a month a level as a casual player.  I am enjoying to new content and the new Worgen race.
  • I am still in my painting slump.  I imagine sometime in the summer, after we move into the new place, I will be looking for a new distraction. 
  • I am planning on being in the new house by late spring / early summer.  I hope to be able to plant my new vegetable garden at the new place!
I hope you are each spending time doing the things you love in this new year!  More updates as the house stuff progresses.


Gyro said...

Great to see an update! Good luck on the house adventure...stake out that geek square footage early!

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Congrats - now is a great time to buy (if your staying put for a while). Does it come with a basement? Every gamer needs a basement for all our stuff.

Shelexie said...

@Gyro: Thanks for the earlier comment to get me off my butt. I have the geek square footage staked out along with a spot for my hammock =)

@CTF: No basements. I wish it did. I have fond memories of gamer basements and "man" caves. I will just have to make the best of an real room ;)

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