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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Small Update

Just a short update.  No mini's are getting painted right now but we are moving forward on the house stuff.  They have put up the form boards on the lot and have moved in more dirt.  Today, they dug trenches in the dirt they moved in and put in the plumbing.  We visit our dirt most days and it is very exciting.  I have high hopes that we will have a concrete slab by Friday.

Wednesday, 2-16-11
Thursday 2-17-11

Friday 2-18-11
Monday 2-21-11

Tuesday 2-22-11


Gyro said...

How exciting! You should do a terrain project step-by-step to mimic the construction of your house!

home builders said...

It is exciting to build your very own home and hiring the right people to do it is important. The home builders you hire need to be reliable and need to have a good amount of experience.

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