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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Hate Epic Caine

Privateer Press Pic
Epic Caine and Epic Stryker might be great if you like to super-pose your miniatures.  I prefer for the pieces to fit.  Do you see that right leg?  Even in the stock photo, it is a little askew and the foot does not lay flush with the base.  Below is what the mini looks like with the arms glued on.  When trying to position that leg, Caine ends up with a club foot, bow legged, knock-kneed, or a combination there of.  Grrr...

I finally just super glued it and hoped for the best.  I am fairly certain I should have pinned it but I just did not want to screw around with it anymore.  Caine is the one on the lower right.  Next to him is a one armed Epic Stryker.  He is almost as bad.  There are also 2 last rangers, Classic Haley, and a DnD fig getting their bases.  The only one finding this process relaxing is the bear in the hot tub.


Von said...

That whole era of models, from Apotheosis through Superiority, are needlessly irritating to build. PP seem to have gone through a phase of tormenting hobbyists before eventually coming back to earth in the last three or so years...

I like the clamps. I assume the point's to hold models at an angle and provide a brace for them to sit against?

Shelexie said...

Lol, nothing so spectacular. I like gluing washers to the bases to give them a little more heft and they tip over less. Gorilla Glue works really well for this, but the glue bonds best when under pressure. The more pressure, the tighter the bond. The clamps are about 3x stronger than a clothes pin.

I agree about the mini's in that time frame. The difference between building the Firefly and eCaine & eStryker is incredible.

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