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Monday, August 29, 2011

Setting Goals

I have been trying to get back into the mini's and blogging.  I am doing pretty good so far.  In the past week, I have worked on a few projects.
  • Cygnar Firefly glued and magnetized.
  • Cygnar Rangers glued and primed.
  • Cygnar Trenchers glued and primed.
  • Circle of Orborus Druids glued and primed.
  • Gnome character for DnD pinned and glued.
  • Tiefling character for DnD glued and primed
  • Cygnar caster Classic Haley glued.
  • Continuing to glue the stupid eStriker and eCain Cygnar casters.
Before September 1st, I want to finish:
  • Prime the Cygnar Firefly and Haley.
  • Paint the DnD Tiefling
Specifically, the DnD Tiefling is going to be used in our game on Thursday night and I want to have it done for the next battle.  So September 1st is my goal.  Let's see how it goes...


Mik said...

You need a HUD.

All the cool kids have a HUD...

Shelexie said...

Lol! I guess it wont be the first time I'm not a cool kid. Now a Kool-Aid kid, that's another story!

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