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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weeks 11 - 20

Week 11 (5/20/12) 
216 lbs. - BMI 32.8
What Next? - I finished the 9 week program this past week and started the 3 week cardio program.  I have lost 22 lbs and I feel great.  It is still tough to want to start exercising sometimes but once I start, I feel better.  I had a rough week at work and I found myself wanting to go for a run.  This seems very strange to me but it is probably a better choice than eating a pizza!  I also signed up for a wellness program through my work insurance.  If I stick with the program, they will give me $250.  Nothing like a monetary incentive!

Week 12 (5/27/12) 
216 lbs. - BMI 32.8
Figuring it Out - As much as I like the change of pace, the cardio program is not cutting it.  I am burning about 120 cal. for 30 minutes of working out as opposed to the 300 I was burning at the end of the 9-week program.  I think I am going to have to switch to the medium setting for the cardio workout.  The community pool also opened this week and I am excited to go swimming, perhaps doing laps as one of my day's workouts.  All in all, it was a discouraging week.  I had a plateau week, my wife was out of town, and I just did not feel motivated.  Gotta figure something out...

Week 13 (6/3/12) 
215 lbs. - BMI 32.7
Confession Time -I didn't work out at all this past week.  I stayed on my diet mostly but when my wife came back into town, it was tough to make good food choices.  I went running this morning, trying to jump start my routine again.  Let's see how it goes...
Goal Achieved: 
Jog without stopping, around the block - Achieved 6/6/12

Week 14 (6/10/12) 
212 lbs. - BMI 32.2
Running again -Well, I have not started back up with the EA Sports game but I started running again this week.  I was able to run around two blocks without stopping and I finished week 4 of the C25K app.  I am now able (barely) to jog for 5 minute intervals.  My wife even suggested that we go for a jog together!  She doesn't run and has not had time to do any of the weight loss with me so this was a fantastic surprise.  She did great and I enjoyed it a lot! I have a week and a half until my 34th birthday and I hope to drop the last 4 lbs. so I can tell my family I have lost 30 lbs.   I also went swim suit shopping this week.  I am not down where I want to be, but I was able to fit into some that I never would have thought about trying on last year. 
Goals Achieved: 
Jog without stopping, around two block - Achieved 6/10/12
Completed Week 4 of the C25K App - Achieved 6/10/12 
Lose 28 lbs to get to 210 lbs. - Achieved 6/13/12

Week 15 (6/17/12) 
210 lbs. - BMI 31.9
Don't Stop, Don't Stop, Don't Stop - Oh my Gosh!! I jogged 20 minutes today without stopping!  The app on my phone had me run 3 sets of 5 minutes the first day of the week, 2 sets of 8 minutes the second day, then a straight 20 minutes today.  I just keep telling myself, "You haven't stopped one of these runs yet.  You are not going to stop this one."  This coming week is also my 34th birthday.  I am really hoping to get those last two pounds off so I can say I lost 30 lbs. when I see my family.  I am on track to be at 180 by October and 145 by February or March.
Goals Achieved: 
Completed Week 5 of the C25K App - Achieved 6/17/12 
Run 1 mile - Achieved 6/17/12
Run to the Pool and back without stopping - Achieved 6/17/12 

My birthday cake
Week 16 (6/24/12) 
209 lbs. - BMI 31.8
34th Birthday - I lost a pound during my birthday week!  Well, actually, I gained a pound then took off two.  I ate roast and birthday cake and generally let myself slack off.  However, I kept up with running three times during the week and only let myself slack two days.  I was scared to get on the scale but it worked out.
Goals Achieved: 
Run two miles - Achieved 6/23/12 
Complete Week 6 of the C25K App - Achieved 6/25/12 

Week 17 (7/1/12) 
208 lbs. - BMI 31.6
New Clothes -I had a little birthday money from last week so I got to go clothes shopping.  I went from a size 20 in my work slacks to a size 14!!!  Holy Crap!!  I could really get to liking this.  I got to shop in the regular women's sizes instead of the plus sizes.  I also got to buy new running shoes, a watch, and new undergarments.  This is fun =)
Goals Achieved: 
Shop in the Regular size women's section - Achieved 6/27/12
Fit in a Men's Large - Achieved 6/27/12
Bike 1 mile - Achieved 6/28/12 
Bike 2 miles - Achieved 6/28/12

Week 18 (7/8/12) 
206 lbs. - BMI 31.3
Click on the pic for a larger map of the run
Feeling Good - I got contacts this week.  I have had them in the past but I wanted to have some for the upcoming Mud Run and other athletic endeavors.  I also tend to use my glasses as a mask to hide behind.  I signed up for my first 5k, the Austin Foam Fest.  Check out my blog post here.  I am super close to knocking out the 200 lbs mark and people are really noticing a difference.  New body, new clothes, contacts, life is good!
Goals Achieved: 
Down another belt notch (notch #3 on my new belt)
Week 19 (7/15/12) 
206 lbs. - BMI 31.3
Mini Vacation - We went on a mini vacation this week.  My wife had a conference and they put her up in an incredible spa and resort hotel.  We stayed two nights, floating down the lazy river in the resort's own small water park.  Eventually, we found the adult only pool and hot tub, grabbed some drinks, and relaxed.  I fluctuated between 205 and 207 from trying to eat healthy while on vacation.  I ended up with several chicken Caesar salads, but I could have gone lighter on the dressing.  I also used the resort's gym and remembered that I don't really like gym people.  That will save us some money.
Goals Achieved: 
Complete Week 7 of the C25K App - Achieved 7/9/12 
Complete Week 8 of the C25K App - Achieved 7/15/12 

Week 20 (7/22/12) 
205 lbs. - BMI 31.2
Restructures & Interviews - Some think restructure is bad and for some it turns out that way.  In my case, it opened up opportunities for advancement.  I had two interviews this week at the retail store that I work at.  They were stressful but overall, I am proud of the way I presented myself.  I ran 3 times this week and I am almost done with week 9 of the run 5k program.  I want to finish that well, then do something else for a little while.  I will probably be doing some weight training, then start up the 5k program again to better my pace.
Goals Achieved: 
Fit into a Men's Large work shirt (and it looks great!!) - Achieved 7-20-12

Week 21 (7/29/12) 
205 lbs. - BMI 31.2
Holding Steady - So in know that I am not being as careful with my recording my food in the the app and I am running about 2 -3 times a week.  But I did find out that I got promoted to a supervisor role!! 
Goals Achieved: 
Finished the C25K app - Achieved 7-30-12

Week 22 (8/5/12) 
205 lbs. - BMI 31.2
Holding Steady - Tried a different way of jogging this week.  Instead of jogging for 30 minutes at my slow pace, I started the interval training over and did run, walk, run... I thought I was going to die.  I went faster but my legs and lungs thought I had never run before.  Oh well, I have to do something to get over this hump.
Goals Achieved:


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