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Friday, July 29, 2016

Lost in the 1920's

Somehow, I got onto a pulp fiction kick.  Not the movie.  The needle to the heart thing still freaks me out!  No, I am talking about the pulp fiction produced in mass quantity in the 1920's and 30's, even extending to the mid 50's.  Some of our great writers had a hand in the era, including Issac Asimov, Edgar Allen Poe, and Robert E. Howard (Conan).  Enter: Spirit of the Century, a $5 pdf download.

Spirit of the Century is based and modified from the free game system FATE.  I have enjoyed this system before in the Dresden Files setting.  A pulp fiction have tons of story telling opportunities and seems to fit.

The pulp fiction feel includes:
  • Clear Cut Right and Wrong
  • Twists
  • Weird Science - Jet Packs, Time Rifts, Jewels that open portals
  • Mad Scientists
  • Unexplored areas of the map
I started looking at ideas to create my own scenario and found a great blog called Pulp-Centric with a nice write up on a 10 minute plot.  The writer also has some more great tools for pulp scenario design in particular and rpg design in general.  

I am not sure where this will lead as I recently moved and don't currently have a gaming group.  However, I would love to write up several scenarios just for fun!


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