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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Oops, I Bought Miniatures

Well, I made the mistake of looking at miniatures on eBay...  I ended up with Trencher Commandos + 3 Scatter Gunners for $39.34.  Regular price is $73.96.  So I got them for a little over half price.

I also bid on and won 5 Trollkin Champions.

I got them for $22.50.  Regular retail is $44.99.  Half price.

Did I mention I ordered the bits for the Triumph?  $9.99.

No more eBay for me for a while.  While they were half price, they also set me back $71.84.  They are naked of paint, which I prefer but when they arrive, they will fill my desk for a while.  Oh well...


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