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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Possible Hobby

Miniatures is always my first love but lately I have been bitten by the leather working bug.  I have logged about 10+ hours watching how to videos on youtube and Tandy Leatherworking sites.  Here is what I have so far.

I found a starter set at a craft store for 40% off.  It came with a couple of practice pieces, and a couple of starter projects.  I didn't really care for the included patterns of I did one of them on the practice piece so I could follow the step by step instruction.  Then I went and found a patter I might actually wear on a bracelet.

Cool random pattern I found online.  I scaled it until it fit well on the bracelet blank included in the set.

Dampen the leather with sponge.  Technically, this is called "casing" the leather.  You wait for it to start to return to normal color.

Tape the pattern, but not on the leather.  Leather doesn't like tape.

Use a ballpoint pen or other smooth tool to impress the design in the damp leather.

Cut the pattern into the leather using the swivel knife.  There is a great instructional video on the Tandy website on how to hone and use the swivel knife.

I used the bevel tool at each intersection to make it look like the bands were going beneath each other.  I used the seeder in each middle joint.  I used the backgrounder in the negative space.

I went ahead and used the bevel on the outside of the design.  I could have left it as it was.

This is the key ring fob.  I found the 2 patterns online.  I think they were coloring page designs.  I cut them in, beveled around the edges, and used the backgrounder to make the eyes.
The kit I got only has one color of dye and I am waiting until I can get a 2-tone effect to complete them.  Not bad for a first attempt!

Below is the link to the starter kit I used. If you click on the link and purchase, I get a small fee.  However, I am not supported by any of the companies mentioned.


Heather Romero said...

Awesome! Looks good.

Shelexie said...

@ Heather - Thanks!!

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