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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dyeing and Finishing Leather Projects

Part two of the leather projects.  After carving, I went to the store and got colors and finishes.  The kit came with an all-in-one stain and finish but with would only produce a monotone.  I was looking for something more.

Celtic Bracelet - 4 coats of Eco-Flo Super Shene on the "ribbons" and 2 coats in the dots.  Fiebing's Antique Paste Medium Brown.  Fiebing's Leather Sheen, two coats and buffing between.

The light ribbon and 4 dots are where the Super Shene was painted on.  The dark areas are where the antique finish collected in the tooling marks.  The overall color of the leather is where the antique finish touched the untreated leather.  Overall, I am very happy with my first project.

"Mario" Key Fob - Eco-Flo Cova Color - I used white as a base coat for the star and the mushroom.  Three coast of yellow over the white in the star, then 3 coats of Super Shene.  Three coats of green over the white.  Two more coats of white in the white parts.  I used a drop of water to help them flow better.  Two coats of Super Shene over the tan part of the mushroom's face.  Three coats of Super Shene over the white and green.  I tried to avoid Super Shene down in the cuts, especially between the white and green, so that the next step highlights the cuts.

I also daubed the edges with the antique finish.  Later, I dampened the edges and used the burnishing tool to smooth the edges.  This is my new favorite tool!!

Below are some of the products I used for this project. I get a small amount if you click on the link and purchase the product. However, I am not supported by any of the companies represented.



Happy Chick Harriet said...

I'm very proud of your efforts! These are nice.

Heather Romero said...

Awesome! Got me wanting to drag up my parents old leather crafting stuff.

Leanne said...

love these. You are quite talented

Shelexie said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I am enjoying this new hobby =)

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