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Friday, November 13, 2009

PS3 & Dragon Age Origins

So, working at Best Buy (large American Electronics store) has certainly changed things. Several weeks ago, my TV blew and I was able to replace it with a new flat screen for a great price. Two nights ago, we went looking for a Blue-Ray player... and left with a PS3.

I have wanted one for a while but I had decided it was too much. Then they reduced the size, the cost, and the overheating problems. I also had to have a game to go with it so I picked up the new Dragon Age.

I haven't played video games in a while, probably since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, though I still play WoW occasionally. I like the story of Dragon Age, the mix of RPG and real time fighting. I like the casual setting (read easy) as opposed to the more difficult settings. I like the options they give me for responses. Many times, there is an option to tell the other character to stick it. I am not a fan of the blood (just me) but the graphics are amazing. I have just completed the origin part of the story and I may have to go buy the help book (I have a hard time remembering maps).

The game is worth the money, especially if you get the $10 gift card back when you purchase it at Best Buy. Check out the coupon here.

Thanks for reading!

(Pics of a Play Station 3 by Sony and Dragon Age Origins by BioWare)


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Shelexie said...

I was totally bummed to hear about your ring of death xbox. It is a great game and I hope you get to play it soon. =)

Coffey said...

I am so jealous that you have this game. Now that I have a 360 I this is the only game that I have wanted besides fifa 2010

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