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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Short Rant (I promise)

We are lucky to have 2 gaming stores in our local area. I play and buy from one (Albright's in Lexington, KY) but occasionally I will find myself over at the "other" store. I don't like going there very often. I am loyal to Albright's: there are close to 20 tables always set up and the terrain is fantastic. They have leagues, contests, and games going on most nights. The selections are pretty good and he can order anything you want.

But occasionally, I want something right now. I don't want to wait for the order to come in. So I venture over to the "other" store.

The other store is creepy feeling, especially as a female gamer. When I walk in, I get treated like I am in the wrong place and if I do buy a miniature, they take my money with out saying a word. I can't decide if they are uncomfortable with females, female gamers, or just new people. What ever it is, my internal creepiness meter goes off and I try to avoid going there again.

Yesterday, I succumbed. I was wanting to pick up a Officer Attachment for the Gun Mages I was about to start painting. They didn't have it but they did have the Epic caster Haley and the Epic caster Cain. I fell to temptation, bought them as quickly as I could because the guy behind the counter was weirder than normal, and gladly took them home.

Imagine my surprise when I opened Haley and discovered she was missing her left arm! That just sucks! She is a great mini and I was really looking forward to the challenge.

So I opened up Cain. Also missing his left arm!!! What the heck?!!!

Now, I have to go back to that store, deal with the creepy guy, get my money back or have them say something like "just order it from Privateer Press". I also doubt this with Privateer's fault. I hope they just dropped the display and some of the pieces got switched but I can't help but think someone went through their stuff stealing bitz (or just left arms).

Thanks for reading my rant. At this point, the joy of buying the new mini's is gone and I just hope I get my money back. Albright's, I shall never stray again! =(

(Pics from the Official Privateer Press Website)


Eli Arndt said...

Unfortunately, it likely is PP's issue. I have a box of Trollkin Champions that is missing two arms and has extras of others.

This seems to be one of PP's quality control issues. I'm not sure how wide spread it is, but it has cropped up several times within my gaming group across a number of lines in their range.

As for creepiness. They are gamers and even in these enlightened days of gaming, with a record high number of female gamers and many more games that appeal to the ladies, you are still a bit of an oncomfortalbe novelty to some - especially with older fixed in their way gamers.

My wife, who though not a hardcore gamer, is known to enter a game store now and again and not just on my behalf. She receives similar treatment. Either that or she is treated she was a unicorn being ridden by Bigfoot carrying a Leprechaun, the Easter Bunny and healthy bacon.

One of the first ladies I ever dated, in my adult life, was a brave soul who used to meet me at the local shop. It was as if somebody cast timestop every time she set foot in that store. What's more, I was treated with a mixture of heroic adoration and jealous resentment.

Anyhow, I'd order your bits from PP. Save yourself some discomfort and avoid that store if they are not going to treat you like a customer should be.


Shelexie said...

Eli, your awesome! Thank you! I was really dreading having to go in there again and I think I will just order the bitz from PP. And tell your wife I totally understand the "unicorn being ridden by Bigfoot carrying a Leprechaun, the Easter Bunny and healthy bacon". Thanks!

Mik said...

You know, if you want a quality shopping experience in Lexington every time, my money's on the Liquor Barn!

Master Darksol said...

@Eli/Shelexie: My wife gets that treatment too. =/ It's unfortunate, but it's good to know you have a place that you do feel comfortable at. All our local places have the creep-factor, sadly.

zealot said...

"What's more, I was treated with a mixture of heroic adoration and jealous resentment."

and yeah it's b/c you're female and they have ZERO social skills.

if i was a female i'd talk shit. a friend of mine, Suzanne, who's a good painter/player and fun to play with, is known to talk a bit of shit and I can't waiiiiit to see her at a store with some of the 'nerdy' nerds. :D

Eli Arndt said...

Glad I could help. Your minis likely put any of their dusty pewter regiments to shame any day, I'd imagine.

I know they put mine to shame. 40K Imperial Guard army went nearly a decade with nearly not a drop of paint on it.


Shelexie said...

@Mik - The Liqueur Barn gets its fair share of the household income =)

@Master Darksol - You can let your wife know that there are stores out there with a diminished creep factor.

@Zealot - what generally happens at my game store is they talk shit to my friend Coffey. I almost feel bad for him when he loses because of the hazing. Almost.

@Eli - thanks again! I ordered the replacement parts and they should be in soon.

Thanks for commenting guys!

Von said...

There is an awful lot of this sort of thing about. The saintly Hark (the poor woman who elects to live with me for reasons best left to herself) has received similar treatment from one or two shops every time she so much as crosses the threshold. It's one thing that Games Workshop branches tend to be a bit better at - whether it's the result of all that corporate training I don't know, but their staff are usually much less prone to entering girl-shock. I'm glad you have at least one shop that's not quite so, um, disconcerting, though.

Anonymous said...

Instead of dealing with the store you should totally just contact PP that way you get by the creepers...and I agree that they are! I am not female and they give me the heeby jeebies!

Shelexie said...

@Thanks Von =) I agree the Games Workshop stores are better, at least in my experience. I might get a strange look at first, but it is quickly replaced with a smile (even before I buy something). Please let The Saintly Hark know she is not alone =)

@Anonymous - Done and Done =) I have ordered the parts and wait hopefully for PP to deliver. And I hope you are able to find a store with less heeby jeebies =)

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