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Friday, November 6, 2009

Just a Short Progress Report

The other day, I went to visit a friend and his cousin. We hung out, chatted, and painted for about 4 hours. I was working on my Gun Mages, Stormsmiths, and Warcaster Nemo. The Gun Mages are for my personal goal to be finished by the end of November. I added the Stormsmiths because my friend I was painting with hates playing against them =). I added Nemo because he is similar. These guys were base coated before we started. Here is a pic of them at the end of the day.

Several days later, I worked more on the Gun Mage's cloaks. I am really liking the blending. I continue to learn more each time I try to blend my layers. On the one below, the cloak is looking good but the hat still needs more work. There are a total of 6 gun mages.

Gun Mage Adept Solo

Stormsmith (x3) - These last two pics still need another base layer of Folk Art's Prussian Blue, then blending it up with FA's Cobalt Blue. The last highlights are a mix of Cobalt Blue and FA's Baby Blue.

Warcaster Nemo

Thanks for reading!


Master Darksol said...

Lookin' good! :)

Mik said...

I don't know why i never touched Cygnar, they have the coolest units, troops, and characters by far! Well done, kudos...

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