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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My next project

I have to wait a few days before I can afford the Long Gunners I want to buy so I dug these little guys out. They are the extra Bodgers that go with my Field Mechaniks. I like the poses but there are only two and honestly I am too lazy to fiddle with them. I will just have to paint them differently.

I went ahead and cleaned the flashing, glued them to their bases, painted Elmer's glue down and added the sand from my Santa Cruz Basing Kit. Once this was dry, I glued the washers down, thus avoiding trapped sand.

Next, I took them outside and primed them with Krylon Ultra-Flat Black paint. I know it's not the special snazzy stuff but it costs about 1/5th the amount so I am good with it =) I decided I wanted to base them in this order so the black primer would help seal in the sand and coat the washer. I had a difficult time getting the washer coated with brushed on paint. The spray paint coated much better.

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Mik said...

You say Krylon's not the 'fancy' stuff, heck I use the .99¢ can of generic flat black and it works just fine!

Shelexie said...


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