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Monday, April 19, 2010

Finishing the Gun Mages

We have finally gotten moved in here in Austin and I am enjoying my new job with Best Buy. I also finally got my paints unpacked and I am almost finished with my Gun Mages. I busted out the basing kit I won from Santa Cruz Warhammer and got to it. Here is the mostly painted Gun Mages, Gun Mage Solo, and 3 Stormsmiths.

Below is the chipped slate included in the kit. There is a nice selection of large and small pieces. The flat sides are great for gluing them to the base.

Here I have glued down the pieces of slate. I am also getting ready to glue the washers underneath.

Here is the sand included in the kit. The sand has good texture and, like the slate, there will be plenty for a ton of minis.

A few of the bases already had washers, but I waited to glue down the rest until after the sand. This way, I avoid getting sand stuck under the base. I have roughed up the washers with my file for a better bond.

After the sand is glued down, I mix Black paint and Elmer's 1:1 and paint the sand. It locks in the sand and provides a base coat.

All lined up with a heavy overbrush of FA's Burnt Umber.

A close up of the basing. Finished pics should be up tomorrow.

Finally, I wanted to show off my herb garden. It is much smaller than my garden last year but it is much more manageable in an apartment space. Basil, Cilantro, Oregano, and Chives.


Mik said...

Nice to see you getting settled in! The bases are looking great, can't wait to see them finished up.

And I love the herb garden too! That TX climate is going to be a bit of difference I'm thinking, but you've already got stuff growing which is better than me right now.

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