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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What to buy...

As with all good miniature painters, finishing 10 mini's makes me feel like I have accomplished something. The Gun Mages only lack a final flat coat of varnish before they get their big reveal photo. So last night, I started thinking about what to paint next.

The new Cygnar Forces books are amazing and their warcaster tier builds have some really nice bonuses. I don't believe there are any 'game winner' bonuses but a free officer attachment, lower costing jacks, and a couple of advanced deployments can't hurt. The problem (and the subtly) of the system is that ever caster has a unit they must have two of to get to the top tier. For instance, Commander Coleman Stryker, poster boy of the Cygnar military, must be fielded with 2 or more Long Gunner units in order to get a free Long Gunner Officer attachment. If not, you can't get to his forth tier, take two Lancers, and let his army begin the game with his upkeep spells. The tier builds are optional and none of them are really game winning but they are still enticing to the gamer.

So of course I am going to think about the tier system when I decide what to paint next. The problem is that I don't have two units of Long Gunners! Nor do I have 2 units of Trenchers. Silly me, I only bought and painted 1 unit of Gun Mages!

I began by looking at what I already had, what I had not painted yet, and what I might have to buy to play my favorite casters.
  • Prime Stryker - I actually have enough Long Gunners for 2 half units and I could proxy an Ironclad for Ol' Rowdy. To really make the most out of the build, I would want to buy 6 more Long Gunners and 2 officers and standard bearers. Cost = $53 USD.

  • Prime Haley - Has the same Long Gunner requirement so I could field her as is. Oh wait, I don't have pHaley so that's $8. To get most out of the build, I would need the same 6 gunners and 4 officers plus 4 more Sword Knights. Cost = $87.

  • Darius (my favorite caster) - I would need 6 more Sword Knights to field it but I would not paint just 6. I would want to get the full 14 more plus the two officers and standard bearers. This same unit would allow me to field pNemo but the cost of the 14+4 mini's would = $135. I love Darius but this seems like a lot right now, especially after a move.
I continued to break down my options (in a spreadsheet because I'm a nerd) and here is what I came up with for a shopping list:
  • 6 Long Gunners + 4 Officer/standard bearers = $53
  • pHaley = $8
  • Kara Sloan (a new caster) = $12
  • 6 Rangers = $31
  • Total cost = $104
I can buy it in pieces and this shopping list allows me to play three different casters. I am pretty sure this is the direction I will go.

Then again, I could not buy anything and just paint my orks...


Mik said...

Looks like you've got a solid plan, I say go for it as written. As far as the Orks go, it sounds like you're picking up steam with the WM stuff (no pun intended) so I'd keep rolling along with them.

Can't wait for the Gun Mage big reveal!

Shelexie said...

Thanks Mik! I am only slightly ashamed to admit that it probably took me 3+ hours figure out how to get the most bang for my buck =) Thanks for the encouragement!

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