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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And the Winner is....

A while back, I won a ticket to Games Day through the Storm Warden / Doctor's Without Borders Project.  As I mentioned here, I can't go but I want someone else to be able to use the ticket.  Thanks for those who expressed interest in going to Games Day.  I guess most people already have their tickets but I am glad one more person can go.

And the winner is... The other Kevin from Paint Pot Procrastinator!  Kevin, I need your postal address so I can get the ticket to you.  Please use the link to my e-mail in my profile.  Congratulations!

PS - If anyone else knows real world "the other Kevin", give him a call and tell him to send me his address.  Let's get this ticket used!


Shelexie said...

just wanted to let y'all know, Kevin has contacted me =)

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