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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Won... And So Can You

A week or two back, they had the final drawing for the Storm Wardens Project.  It was a huge success, raising $16,000+ for Doctor's Without Borders.  I contributed along the way, sort of hoping for the grand prize but mostly because it was for a great cause.  Well, I won, but not the grand prize.  I won one of the Games Day tickets.

It is very cool, and yet I live in Texas now =(  There is simply no way I can go.

So the ticket is up for grabs!

  1. Post a comment below if you are able to personally use the ticket.
  2. I will pick a random person on Tuesday, August 17th, probably around 11pm Central Time.
  3. If you are selected, I will mail you the ticket so you can travel to the Baltimore Convention Center on August 21st, 10am-6pm (or any part of it)
  4. Hopefully, you will take pictures and post about it on your blog (or we can work out a way to post it here).
Please don't post if you can't use the ticket.  I am hoping one of you can use it or you know someone who you can get to post a comment.

Good luck!

Edit: The drawing has been moved to Tuesday, August 17th.


PalinMoonstride said...

Considering no one has posted I'm guessing you still have a ticket up for grabs. If you don't want to let it go to waste I could use it to take my little brother or a friend with me.

Evil Dan said...

WOW, this is a surprise. I don’t know what’s worse: GW getting the cash or no one really wanting to go...

PalinMoonstride said...

Most likely every one who wants to go by now has their ticket already. One of my friends has been looking for work for the past year and wants to go, but told me he couldn't spare the money for the trip down.

the other Kevin said...

My son just found out a couple of his friends are driving up. Is it possible to get the ticket to Northern Virginia (zip 22554) by Friday?

Shelexie said...

Thanks for those who expressed interest in going. I guess most do have their tickets but I am glad one more person can go.

And the winner is... The other Kevin! Kevin, I need your postal address so I can get the ticket to you. Please use the link to my e-mail in my profile. Congratulations!

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