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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Painting Notes for Cygnar Trenchers

These are the paints I used in painting my Cygnar Trencher unit.  I will eventually be painting a commando unit and I will want a similar effect.  Feel free to read along.  FA stands for Folk Art paints.

  • Base coat black
  • Overbrush base with FA Burnt Umber
  • Drybrush model with FA Burnt Umber.  Avoid the chain mail and the gun barrel as possible
  • Drybrush base and model with FA Honeycomb
  • Drybrush base with FA Teddy Bear as needed.
  • Block in the gun barrel and chain mail (and grenades if present) with black
  • Drybrush the gun barrel with a 2:1 mix of FA Metallic Gunmetal Grey and FA Metallic Sequin Black
  • Use the same mix of FA Metallic Gunmetal Grey and FA Metallic Sequin Black to paint the bracers, gun stock band, and details.
  • Drybrush the chain mail with FA Metallic Gunmetal Grey
  • Paint the shovel and the smoke grenades with FA Medium gray.  I am not entirely happy with this step, so feel free to find another level of shading on them.
  • Block in the blue areas with FA Prussian Blue
  • Dampen the shoulder pad with a wet brush, then highlight and blend with a mix of FA Cobalt Blue and FA Extender.
  • Rank insignias were touched with a mix of FA Metallic Antique Gold and FA Metallic Sequin Black.
  • Grenades were touched with FA Black Cherry, then tipped with FA Napthol Crimson
  • Studs were tipped with FA Metallic Silver Sterling.
  • The base was cleaned up with black around the ring.
I hate painting faces but I found a great tutorial for it.  Privateer Press' Escalation book uses the old MKI rules but the face painting tutorial makes it worth picking up.  Check out pages 120-121 whenever the need arises.  I also found that most Trenchers have no faces!  Woot!!!  They are covered up by a piece of cloth.  I only had to paint to faces of two officers and the Escalation guide was great.  It called for several basic colors like flesh, brown, and brown ink.  I used Delta Ceramcoat Dresden Flesh, FA Real Brown, and GW Citadel Brown Ink respectively.  When it called for red and brown mixed, I just used FA Black Cherry.


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