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Friday, February 24, 2012

Game Night

Last night was an impromptu board game night.  We had lots to choose from but the one that got the most laughs was Quelf.  It is a great party game for friends who have few inhibitions.  At various times in the night, I was singing an operatic improv, using made-up words in sentences, and silently pointing at the ceiling (as my friends tried to figure out why and make me laugh).  Another girl danced the hula, and someone else ended up with a glove made of tinfoil.  And there was a sock-puppet named Threadgill...  The rules are simple.  Roll the d6, land on a colored square, draw the same colored card, and do what the card tells you to do.  If you won't or can't, you go back a certain number of squares. Here are just a few sample cards-

We rounded out the night with a little Apples to Apples.  All in all, a great night!


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