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Friday, February 24, 2012

Progress Bars

I recently had a question as to how I get the progress bars in my widgets to the right. 

Cyclone Heavy Warjack

3 Bodgers

Eiryss Mage Hunter


Simple answer, I cut and pasted them from another site.   I tried to paste mine here but the blog kept executing the commands, rather than showing them.  Any way, Matthew Harvey wrote the code and his site is here.  Follow the directions for the "New Blogger Installation Instructions".  Then customize as you see fit.  You can change the color of the bars if you know the hex color code.  I go by the following list for my percentages:

0% = in the box,
20% = full assembled,
25% = based,
30% = primed,
40% = base drybrushed
50% = blocked colors,
50-90% = layers and details,
95% = clear coated
100% = static grass

I also make the bar a darker blue as I get closer to completion.

0-39% = '#99CCFF'
40-80% = '#4682B4'
81-100% = '#00008B'

Hope this helps.


Shelexie said...

Another site that uses the same code is

He takes you through a very simple install.

Engineer Jeff said...

Thanks a ton!

Shelexie said...

No problem =)

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