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Friday, April 20, 2012

Losing Weight

I added two new pages to the top of my blog.  The first one is My Weight Loss Goals.  These are the things I want to achieve and the things I want to be able to do.  The second is My Weight Loss Journey.  This is a weekly recap as I go through reshaping my body.  I will keep them mostly on their separate pages so they don't spill onto the miniature stuff and the updates won't hit your reader account.  More than anything, they are a motivation to me.  My dad had his second heart attack about a month ago and it was a wake up call for me.  I am currently down 14 lbs and trying to stay on track.  Thanks guys!


Mik said...

This is awesome, and 14 pounds is outstanding. I am lethargic and our hobby is so sedentary to boot. I'm trying little things here and there but something's got to give you know? I'm sorry about your dad, but a lot of good is coming from it, keep it up.

Shelexie said...

Thanks Mik! It's taking a lot of work and effort but I am liking the results =)

Anonymous said...

Keep it up!!

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