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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Trolls Arrived!

I bought these from a great trader on Bartertown. They are well painted and a good start to a Trollbloods list. I'm one happy camper! Here are some quick phone pics:


Mik said...

Some really great paintjobs, love all the blue highlights on the skin. Had I gone the Hordes route I would've definitely played the Trollbloods.

Eli Arndt said...

Great paint jobs. I do like the blue. I got some from a Craig's List seller that were done in an interesting deep red color. Also nice.

I love my trolls, though they are far less painty than yours! Mik, trolls are so you, BTW. My only complaint is that the army is getting more and more shooty with each release.


Shelexie said...

I haven't played them yet, though one of the axers made an appearance as my beefy Barbarian on Thursday night DnD. It made me happy =)

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