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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Book 5

A while back, I started my top ten list of books that got me into the fantasy / gaming scene.  These are more in order of when I read them than greatest impact, but I thought I would continue the list.  Incomplete lists drive me nuts!

Early in college, I started reading the Honor Harrington Series by well known sci-fi author David Weber.  I loved this series and still read it as new ones and spin offs come out.  The main protagonist is a strong female lead with a crazy sense of honor and duty.  She is given sometimes impossible tasks and is able to work her way through it.  It is set in the distant future and she begins as a space ship captain in the midst of a galactic political mess.  She is in a back water assignment and makes a huge impact.  The logistics of space combat are realistic and deep.  The characters development over the many books is fantastic.  Try the first one, On Basilisk Station, and see what you think.

And they are making a movie!!

I know there is always a hope (and fear) that your favorite movie will make it to the big screen but this looks like it might happen.  Evergreen Studios has aligned with the author and looks to be starting up.  However, I will try not to get too excited until it goes into production.


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