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Friday, August 26, 2016

Assembling Ol' Rowdy Part 2

8 Days to go - Want to have Ol' Rowdy finished by Sept. 3rd, 2016.
  • To Pin or Not To Pin
    • Well, I pinned.  I wanted more stability in the legs.
Lower Leg Assembly
  • Note to self - Next time, drill all the pin holes before you start gluing.  I drilled the hip sockets straight through.  Drill the legs at the hips and the feet.  Drill the Arms at the shoulders.  Drill the two smokestacks and where they attach.  Drill the shoulder pads if you are going to.  I did not. 
  • By waiting to drill it a piece at a time, it put extra stress on pieces already attached.  It stayed together but I could have thought it out better.
  • The benefit of waiting was being able to position things as I wanted them.
    Green Stuff in slot to help with the fit.  It was a little loose in the slot.
    A little bit of green stuff smushed out and I had to smooth it out.
  • And... FLIP THE BASE OVER!!  Wow!  This made positioning the legs SOOO much easier.  I got them glued together and left the feet free in the base.  It helped the legs stay in the best position for gluing.  Why didn't I know about this sooner????

Flip the base over!!  Long pin to go all the way through the hip piece.

Base helps line it all up 

Everything glued.  Now to the knee pads.  They were loose and needed green stuff for support.  I placed a small bit at the 5 o'clock position on the back of the pad.  Then more superglue.
Pushing the knee pad on sucked.  Find something to push with so you don't impale your fingers.
Drilled hole for the center support

Drilled the top part.

This was close to the actual length of the pin.
I almost left it like this!
Here it is lined up.
It was actually easier to line up the top and bottom from the back.  It is a little hard to see from the picture but if you are doing this, you will see where it is from the back.
Still more to do.  I was hoping to have the arms on and the base done tonight but it wasn't meant to be.  Still, I like the structure and I how solid if feels.

Currently = 14%

Fully Assembled will be 20%


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