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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Crossroads of Courage League

Privateer Press Crossroads
My local game store is running Crossroads of Courage, the year long Warmachine/Hordes league that will guide the choices of a young man.  It begins Sept.1 and each week, players get to answer survey questions that will shape what he becomes in the future.  The model will be launched next year based on the outcome of the survey and the league play.

The main page is here.
The core rules are here.
The rules for Season 1 (September) are here.
The fiction for Season 1 is here.

I have chosen to play the side of the Reapers as opposed to the Sowers.  This seems a little against my personality.  However, in Season 1, you can either paint casters or 'jacks each week for points and I can't afford 4 new 'jacks.

Each can be achieved once each week - original here
I am excited about painting.  Even if it is just one extra point a week, it gives me some motivation.  So here is the plan:

  • Week 0 - Week before league starts, I can assemble and paint Ol' Rowdy.  I already own him, but he is bare metal bits in a box.  However, if I can get him assembled, Stryker2 will be that much better.
  • Week 1 - Paint and Play Stryker2.  I already own the model, he is put together, based, and primed, though I will have to reattach an arm.
  • Week 1 - Order Nemo2 for $17.
    • Week 2 - Paint and Play Haley2.  Again, I already own the model.  She is put together, based, and primed.
    • Week 2 - Order Brisbane1 for $15.
    • Week 3 - Paint and Play Nemo2.
    • Week 4 - Paint and Play Brisbane1.
    In preparation, I am starting to paint at least 15 minutes every weekday.  I want to build Ol' Rowdy this week and try to get him painted by Sept 3.  That will be pushing it for me on a warjack but we will see.

    I want to focus on my queue on the right, starting with the ones closest to complete.  I think Eiryss has been in the queue for several years.  Well, she is getting painted this week!!

    I was going to focus on my queue but that changed when I started trying to build lists for the various weeks.  I moved Stryker2 to Week 1 and Haley2 to Week 2.  I would love to get Thorn for Haley but that is an extra $30 and an extra 'jack to paint.  Probably won't/shouldn't happen.


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