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Friday, August 5, 2016

RPG / Superhero Workouts

My Character on Nerd Fitness
I have recently found a couple of fun ways to encourage myself to workout.  I first came across Nerd Fitness.  I love creating characters and this was just fun.  Once you have generated your new you, you can check out the quests already available or you can go to your epic quest and create your own.

This part is free and has some free links to other resources.  Fair warning, they want you to spend a one time fee of $150 for full access.  However, there is plenty of stuff to do without forking over the $$$.

Over 500 Quests Available and You can Create Your Own

One of the freebies from the site is the Nerd Fitness Beginner Bodyweight Workout.  I created the PDF to the right based on the workout, adding the girls, and swapping out a couple of exercises to be lower impact.

My wife and I did one circuit of this last night and we were sweating by the end.  We plan to do another circuit or two tonight and gradually build up over the week.  Because next week, I have something new for us!

I love the DareBee website with their fun-themed workouts.  I want us to start the 30 day Foundation Light program.  It is low impact and should help a couple of girls who are over weight get into a new habit.  It offers a new workout every day and has links in the Exercise Library to almost every exercise depicted.

This will lead us to a choice - Fantasy Hero in Training or Apocalyptic RPG Training?!?!?!?!?

The Fantasy Hero's Journey training allows you to choose your own adventure and you score points based on which workouts you do.  It's 60 days long and looks like fun.  You download the pdf's and you are ready to rock.

The other choice is called Age of Pandora, based in a post apocalyptic world you don't remember how you got to.  The setup is a little reminiscent of Portal 2.  It has similar exercises but is based online and tells more of a story.  You collect a back pack and a map, and work for extra scraps, also tracked online.

When we get there, hopefully in a month, we will decide together if we are for the fantasy world or more story driven apocalyptic world.



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