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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching up

First of all, thanks to Mik for the nice words and welcome to the new followers! I spent a week in West Texas and the high ever day was over 100! When I got back, I wasn't real happy with the way my Tharn Ravagers were going (you can check out their progress by clicking on the Tharn label to the right). I love the models but I had gotten a little carried away with the highlights on the flesh. I am only looking for table top quality but I wasn't happy. As a result, I let them sit for about a week. I just wasn't quite sure how to fix them. After Mik posted about my site, I knew I was ready to tackle them again.

I went over the flesh with a wash of the old GW Brown ink. It toned down the highlights and I can live with them now. Then I moved to the leather bits and bracers. They are based with a mix of Folk Arts Burnt Umber and Black, about 3 or 4:1. They are still in progress, but I feel like I am over the hump somehow.

Tharn Ravagers = 63%

My garden:
While I was in Texas, it went crazy. My room mate watered it and we have harvested about 6 zucchini so far. I grilled them up and they have gone in omelets, pasta salads, and stew.

Just for fun:

I have a fat, pissy cat named Callie (think Garfield). I tell people she bites and they say, "Oh animals love me." 5 minutes later, they are complaining that she bit them!? Anyway, I like her. We get along just fine. Last night, my room mate bought new work shoes. I have no idea how Callie was able to fit her big ___ in here but I took a picture of it.

Shoe box cat

She got back at me later for taking her picture by jumping up on my painting table. Luckily, she didn't step in the paint (this time).


Mik said...

Welcome home! Your Ravagers are looking good, and also remind me why I'll never be 'great', I just don't have the patience you do when it comes to painting. Thanks for the get to work!


Mike Howell said...

I like the natural colors on the Ravagers.... very Circle. These are going to look great when all the little fiddly details are done.

Keep it up!

Shelexie said...

Thanks Mike!

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