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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last Night's DnD

I run a 4e game of Dnd and last night was the last night =( Folks are getting married and others are busy so the game will go on hold for a while. We have been running the Scales of War campaign published by wizards and the team has moved from 1st to 6th level. We are all grad students plus a doctor and the table conversation is a lot of fun. I haven't gotten last night's game updated yet, but feel free to check out the website. I would especially recomend the goblin-bard's "Ode to Poo" he uses for one of his attacks.


Mik said...

That's a bummer, sorry to hear real life got in the way of some good adventuring!

Eli Arndt said...

Real life has killed every one of my 3.5 campaigns over the last 6 years.


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