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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tharn Ravagers Skin Tones

In a previous post, I worked out the colors I wanted to use for the brown fur/skin. The base is FA's Burnt Umber. The mid-tone is a mix of Burnt Umber to Tapioca 1:1. The highlight is Burnt Umber to Tapioca 1:2. Then I lined in the extreme overhead highlight with the same mix. My lining is a little sloppy but I feel like it reduced the overall dusty look.

Drybrushing is a little bit of a crutch but I had decided that these were going to be table top quality and that freed me up to use it. 7 models with two layers of highlights and lining done in 1 hour. Not bad for table top. Now I gotta figure out the details.

Tharn Ravagers = 60%
Tharn Ravagers Back


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