Friday, March 2, 2012

My Ability Scores (3.5)

Just an interesting idea for self assessment.  It falls apart at certain points.  Feel free to try determining your own scores.

STR = 8 (Based on Over Head Lift of 80lbs.)
DEX = 10 (Based on Average Reflexes, not klutzy)
CON = 9 (10 for resistance to disease but -1 for stamina)
INT = 14 (pretty smart)
WIS = 10 (Not absent minded but I miss some things too)
CHR = 12 (97% of people like me.  Go figure.)

Craft (Painting Miniatures)
Knowledge (Religion)
Profession (Retail)
Use Magic Device (computer)

It turns out I am an average character.  Now what can I do to level up...


Mik said...

Bah! I had a lengthy, introspective comment written out and Blogger killed it.

Bad Blogger!

Shelexie said...

Yeah, I was introspective that day. The rest of the day, I kept coming across other skills I could put down =)

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