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Friday, May 15, 2009

Camera Tripod

Well, with getting over a week long cold, writing papers, and studying for finals, I had to ground myself from miniatures for a while. In the mean time, I have been surfing the web.

I was trying to find a cheep, adjustable tripod for my camera. When I take the pictures the right way, with the lighting set up for the micro pic, I don't use a flash. However, without the flash, the aperture (I think) stays open longer and the pictures blur if the camera is hand held. So I have been positioning the camera and using the 10 second delay setting. No blur.

The Problem: Sometimes, I want my camera pointed slightly down at the target.

After trying various things around the house (including a massive wad of silly putty) I came across the Gorillapod. Now it looks like a lot of fun but it costs $24.95. Then I came across the poor man's (or in the case woman's) version. The Bendable tripod is at, a great site I just came across. The Bendable tripod will cost me about $1 for the copper wire and I have the rest of the materials. It doesn't look like much but I think it will do the job. There is also a 2 minute video on how to construct it. Now, if I can just get graduated next week!

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