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Saturday, May 2, 2009

In My Free Time

Homework is crazy right now but I have been working on assembling my old school stegadon. I had assembled a few pieces early on but I haven't touched it in about 2 years.

I am currently working on drilling and pinning all the necessary bits. I am rough on my models when I travel them up to the store and they will have to be in a moving van in roughly a year so I pin a lot. I am fairly certain I pinned the tail on. Here is what I plan to do.

This picture is from the back of the stegadon box. The blue lines are regular pins, though the one in the neck is a 1/8" nail. The red lines are pins I plan to glue into the skinks but will not glue into the stegadon. This way, I can remove casualties as needed. If it gets to be a problem later, I can always glue them then.

I have drilled most of the holes and I just need to get some more homework done before I break out the glue.

P.S. I just talked to my mom who lives far, far away and she decided she could buy me rare earth magnets for my birthday (in June). Woot!


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