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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am waiting for Fed-Ex to deliver my mini-magnets today and its killing me. Now granted, I only ordered them on Saturday and I wasn't expecting them until next week but the Fed-Ex site says they are on the truck for delivery today. So now, I can't wait. Oh, and I should be writing end of term papers. AHHHH!

Update: The Fed-Ex truck has driven past my house 3 times now. She was going so fast, I couldn't get out there and flag her down! The 3rd time, I was out there and she never looked my way! As I left for class, the Fed-Ex truck is parked a block away and no one is in the truck. It's probably for the best. I might be tempted to skip class and play with my new toys.

I am also waiting for a model, my Tharn Ravager, to arrive at a local gaming store. It should have been here a week ago and it still isn't here. I think the mail system is conspiring against me =)


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