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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kentucky Werewolves

A while back, I let the blog world know I was on a werewolf kick. I started reading the World of Darkness and Werewolf the Forsaken books published by White Wolf. I really like the fluff and I an getting used to the system. The rules are much more focused on the story, rather than power combinations and it should be a nice change of pace. I have converted my DnD group and we are currently creating characters and running them through their first Change experience.

A.J. Diggory (Diggs) was a High School Quarterback in a small Texas town. All the pressure was there to take the team to state finals again. His parents were pressuring him to choose a good school and his little sister looked up to him as a role-model. Diggs girlfriend was pressuring him to get his act together and not jeopardize their future.

During his first Change he experienced dreams loss and felt that his football team was against him. The local pack found him and, after a quick fight, offered him a break from the pressure. His mustang was later found wrapped around a tree and covered in his blood, though no body has been found. Diggs parents have accepted that their son is dead and only wish there was a body to bury. His younger sister holds out some secret hope her brother is alive, though it is based more in hero-worship than reality.
Picture to the right is from here.

Releste is a 30-something college philosophy professor wrestling with questions of her place in this world and the true order of things. She has studied Eastern Philosophy and continually seeks to put the pieces of belief together in a way that makes sense. She had dreams of running over her territory and encountering "Others" that pushed her out and defiled her land, unbalancing the natural order. She also dreamed that she as an aging Alpha faced with the decision to either belly up and beg for scraps the rest of her life or go out fighting and accept her death. When she was denied a tenured position due to her age, brashness, and maturity level, she goes off on her own. The local Boston pack finds her when they are all in the full wolf form. She Changes and runs with them, experiencing pack like she has never felt community before.
Picture to the left is from here.

Read more at Kentucky Werewolves on Obsidian Portal.


Mik said...

Nice write ups, it'll be nice to see where the action takes them...

Shelexie said...

I am having fun creating the characters with them. Now I just need to come up with a good intro storyline. I know the first part will be establishing the pack and territory and finding a pack totem. There is also the idea that they need to find out what happened to the previous pack that was here. It's a little generic but it should be fun =)

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