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Friday, September 25, 2009

Warjack Update

So, I have been painting, albeit slowly. I decided to paint all my warjacks at once so I am extending my personal deadline to the end of next month. It is also a nice kick in the butt that the new MKII rules just came out! The before shots can be seen here and here. Here are some work in progress shots. I thought I was doing a pretty good job blending the lighter and darker blues but the camera really pulls out the differences... (warning - pic heavy but you can click them for a larger view)

Warmachine Cygnar Sentinel Warjack
Sentinel. I am really starting to like this little guy.

Warmachine Cygnar Hunter Warjack
Hunter. Again, I really like the way he is going.

Warmachine Cygnar Centurian Warjack
Centurion. This guy still has a weird pose and I lined in the lighter blue before I decided to try my hand at blending. Still, I will be happy get him out on the table.

Warmachine Cygnar Centurian Warjack
Centurion 2. No light blue yet, but I added the white trip around the shoulders. It looks a little like football pads to me but I think I will go with it. I am also a little proud of getting the red in the "eye" slot. It is stinking small!

Warmachine Cygnar Hammersmith Warjack
Hammersmith. I really like the way the metallics came out on him.

Warmachine Cygnar Defender Warjack
Defender. Again, I think the blending looks better in person but he still has a way to go.

Thanks for reading!


sovietspace said...

Good work, I'm liking how the blues are coming out, and the work on the metal is good too. Ah Warmachine, yet another game I wish I had time to play!

I would love to see some warmachine battle reports, as I have no idea how the game plays. Any chance there being any here soon? :)

Mik said...

That's an impressive array of 'jacks you've got there, but no Lancers? I thought they were the bread-and-butter for you Cygnarites!

They're looking great, and your blending looks very nice indeed, keep 'em coming!

Shelexie said...

@Soviet - I actually don't get to play that mcuh but GentleBen just posted a great write up on Warmachine at BoLS -

@Mik - I have a couple of Lancers that I bought painted. These are just the ones that I bought partially painted or simply primed that I am trying to make ready.

I hope to play more as my work schedule evens out but for now, I am enjoying the painting =) Thanks for the comments!

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